Baudelaire is PASSIONATE. About importing HIGH-QUALITY soaps and body-care products based on authentic local traditions of formulation and fragrance.

We have been ever since we set off in 1987 in search of artisanal companies owned by people who are as passionate about AUTHENTICITY as we are. People like:

Stephane Lecaille of Provence Santé, whose passion for traditional soapmaking and authentic Provençal FRAGRANCES has led to the creation of one of America’s leading imported brands.

Switzerland’s Ernst Schenk whose commitment to TRADITIONAL beekeeping, and the wonderfully healing ingredients that bees gather, recently took him to Brazil in search of better bee pollen for his Apiana soaps.

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Bar Soap Counter Display LoofaSpice (Case of 12) 9% off retail $45.88 Baudelaire
Bar Soap Counter Display LoofaSpice 5 Ounces
BAUDELAIRE Cedar 4 45% off retail $4.69 Baudelaire
BAUDELAIRE Cedar 4" Nail Brush
Baudelaire Hemp Wash Mitt 16% off retail $7.58 Baudelaire
Baudelaire Hemp Wash Mitt
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BAUDELAIRE Sisal 6" Nail Brush
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Cedar Complexion [Unit] 1 Brush
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Essence Loofa Mint Hand Soap 5 Ounces
Essence Loofa Spice Bath Soap 35% off retail $2.74 Baudelaire
Essence Loofa Spice Bath Soap 5 Ounces
Hand Soap Mint Loofa 35% off retail $2.74 Baudelaire
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Hand Soap Sea Loofa 5 Ounces
Sisal Wash Cloth 37% off retail $3.79 Baudelaire
Sisal Wash Cloth