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Eating Organic Makes a Difference!…

In a recent article, The better-than-nothing diet, from New Hope Natural Media discusses how eating organic, even if it is only part time reduces your exposure to pesticides. Eating organic can lower organophosphate pesticides in your body even if you aren’t eating a full time organic diet. Asthma We are seeing a continuing increase in […]

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Are Saunas Better than Statins?…

A recent article from JAMA researched the effects of saunas on Finnish males. The results are startling and could bring hope to help Americans reduce their risk of heart diseases. Two thousand middle-aged men were studied over a 20-year period. These scientists found that an increase in sauna usage resulted to one-half as many cardiac […]

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Herbacin: Caring for Your Skin

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The Link Between Newborn Health and Vitamin A

Link studied between newborn health and vitamin A The impact vitamin A has on newborns is virtually … [Read More...]

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