13 Safe and Effective Weight-Loss Supplements (#6-9)

13 Safe and Effective Weight-Loss Supplements (#6-9)

6. Enzymedica Slender GR

This is a new product which is designed to help balance blood sugar and optimize the body’s sugar metabolism.  In addition, it may facilitate fat metabolism.  The gluten-free rice bran included in the formulation provides feelings of satiety and gentle detoxification to help aid weight loss.

7.  Source Naturals Carbohydrate Blocker Phase 2

The Source Naturals Carbohydrate Blocker is a white bean extract which helps to slow the digestion of starch in the body.  Those who eat diets rich in carbohydrates have been found to successfully lose weight and maintain a lean body mass while taking Phase 2.

8. Jarrow Formulas Inulin FOS

Inulin and FOS are prebiotic fibers which support and enhance functions which contribute to weight loss.  Research shows that consuming prebiotics daily may help maintain a healthy weight.

Inulin FOS Supports:

·         Digestive Health

·         Immunity

·         Calcium Absorption

This supplement can also work by increasing satiety and suppressing hunger.

9. Re-Body SafSlim

This supplement, containing high-linoleic acid, or HLA, is thought to reduce belly fat, but it is still in the early stages of research.  The studies conducted thus far are promising, but it is intended to be used in combination with regular exercise and a low calorie diet.

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