Are Herbal Supplements Safe?

I just read a book by a doctor I know in which he complained about the safety issues relating to herbal supplements.  It is interesting to me that everyone seems so concerned about the safety of herbs and dietary supplements.  However in 2009 the poison control center reported zero deaths due to … [Read more...]

Doctor a Scientist or a Healer?

Over the years I’ve known a lot of different types of doctors. The ones I’ve liked the most were the ones who were primarily healers rather than just scientists. They approached their patients with warmth and a true empathy. They suffered a bit with me or the people I knew. I would come away from … [Read more...]

Neem and NeemAura

Neem has been used for thousands of years and has been widely documented in the ancient herbal healing science of India, Ayurveda. But the reputation of neem does not rely solely on traditional folklore. Rather, it is one of the most widely studied herbs of modern times, with hundreds of scientific … [Read more...]

Specialist Do Use Dietary Supplements

Many times I suggested that my friend should be taking CoQ10 as he was suffering from pain and discomfort secondary to the use of a statin drug. This person, however was afraid to do anything that his doctor didn’t tell him to do,  so he never bothered taking CoQ10. One day while visiting … [Read more...]

USA Not Number 1?

When I was young my school had a great wrestling team. At the wrestling meets we’d chant over and over “we’re number 1”. We were number one in the state and we were proud of it. USA Ranked 37th Most of the people I talk to are very happy with our health care system. A lot of them believe that we … [Read more...]

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Probiotics

Functional Bowel Disorders (FBD) are one of the most common bowel diseases in the United States. FBD include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), functional bloating, functional constipation, functional diarrhea, and unspecified other functional bowel disorders. Effective treatments for these problems … [Read more...]

Stay Healthy and Inflammation Free

By  Dr. Vijaya Nair Co-Founder / CEO JIVA-Essence of Life, LLC On a daily basis, you make decisions that can have a direct effect on the amount of inflammation you have. My goal is to remove you from a chronic state of inflammation, which results in a negative health impact. Adding Jiva … [Read more...]

Holistically Balanced Herbs

Holistically Balanced™  Process Mirrors Mother Nature (Part 2) View Part 1 Continued from  Ellen Kamhi RN PhD Holistically Balanced™ defines the philosophy of Nature’s Answer. For maximum health benefits herbal extracts should keep as many of the natural components found in the plant in the … [Read more...]

Nature’s Answer Standardized vs Holistic Balance

Nature’s Answer Tour Yesterday I went to visit the production facility for Nature’s Answer. The COO and Quality Officer Mark Gaeta gave me a complete tour. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility. During the tour I really didn't see much other than the large stainless steel … [Read more...]

Earth Friendly and Dog Friendly?

On one of my too frequent trips to the pet store, some great pet products caught my attention. In my search for a pet bed that was easily washable, I came across a West Paw Design Nature Nap Pet Bed that boasted the use of recycled materials for construction. The bed looked very well made and was … [Read more...]

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