Dead Parakeets In Our Kitchen?

I remember seeing a scene in a movie in which a miner descended into a mine shaft with a bird. The miner, on noticing that the bird had died, tried desperately to escape only to find himself trapped in the mine. Fortunately, someone came into the mine at the last moment and saved his life just as he … [Read more...]

Cleanse Now and Look Great For Summer: TruCleanse

TruCleanse: Unique Complete 10 Day-3 Part Program. By Ellen Kamhi PhD RN, Professional Herbalist/Nutritionist for Nature's Answer As our environment and food become increasingly saturated with pollutants and chemicals, the body's mechanisms for elimination of toxins can't keep up with the chemical … [Read more...]

Prescription Pain Killers – What Do They Kill?

So what is more dangerous than cocaine and heroin combined? Prescription painkillers kill more people in one year than both cocaine and heroin combined. In fact more people overdose on prescription drugs than die from gunshot wounds. Emergency room visits doubled in a five year period of time from … [Read more...]

Diabetes and Vitamin D Levels

Diabetes is starting to reach epidemic proportions in the United States with 23 million American adults and children suffering from the disorder. Add to that the fact that 57 million Americans are pre-diabetic. Some of the risk factors that are published by the NIH are included below. Older … [Read more...]

FirstLineTherapy The Right Diet for You and Your Health

The weight control program we use is the FirstLineTherapy program. This program uses the Mediterranean diet with along with Medical Food. Life Style Change People need not only a diet but a life style change. We need to learn to eat differently and it isn’t easy to change eating habits. People … [Read more...]

Realistic Weight Loss Goals, How Many Calories a Day?

Now that you have your total calories you burn daily from the Harris Benedict equation you know how many calories you need to eat to stay the same weight. Eat more you’ll gain weight, eat less and you’ll lose weight. Weight loss goals must be realistic. I’ve heard over and over I need to lose 30 … [Read more...]

Your BMR and Harris Benedict Equation

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculates the calories you’d burn during a day if you did nothing but lie down all day. You can use a BMR calculator or a BIA (which I highly suggest due to its accuracy) to determine your BMR. Using the Harris Benedict Equation Once you know your BMR then you are one … [Read more...]

Am I Overweight or Obese? How Can I tell?

Obesity rates are skyrocketing with some states reporting nearly 1/3 of their residents being obese. One thing we know ... it isn’t for a lack of diets that people are getting obese.   Losing weight is big business these days and there are a lot of options. Weight Loss Basics It may seem … [Read more...]

Save 10% On JIVA

Why JIVA? Jiva™ dietary supplements consist of only all natural premium quality ingredients, with no added stimulants, MSG, gluten, wheat, or yeast. The fermented soy used in the Fermented Soy and Curcumin Phyto-Power Nutritional Beverage Mix and in the Curcumin and Fermented Soy Energy Plus … [Read more...]

Natural Allergy and Sinus Support

Allergy season is here, and I dread this time of year as I’ve suffered off and on. There are a lot of natural products for allergies and I’d love to say they’ve been a big help however it seems that some years my allergies still get the best of me. Allergies are usually caused by an excess of IgE … [Read more...]

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