FDA Nuts? At Least About Walnuts.

Reading the latest issue of Life Extension Magazine the other day, I found this article on the FDA’s findings that Diamond Foods, Inc., in displaying scientific data on their website had violated FDA rules. It is fascinating that the FDA classified the Diamond Foods, Inc. walnuts as drugs due to the … [Read more...]

Vitamin D, Ethnicity and High Blood Pressure

It is well known that African Americans as an average have higher blood pressure than Caucasians. A recent study may help explain the disparity. Dr. Fiscella using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that there is a relationship to blood pressure and serum … [Read more...]

Insomnia and Natural Alternatives

Sleep is one of those things that is so very important to staying healthy. Some people seem to naturally have no problems with sleep but others seem to find a successful night’s sleep very difficult to achieve. Having insomnia myself I’ve tried most of the natural methods to improve my sleep. … [Read more...]

Nuun Hydration and Coconut Water For Hot Weather

Listening to sports this morning I heard that Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay had to leave the mound early, overcome by the oppressive Midwest heat. The Phillies ended up losing the game to the Cubs. The radio show host Mike Golic, in a previous life a football player, mentioned that players needed to … [Read more...]

Chocolate Diet Bar and Low Carb That’s ChocoPerfection

Chocolate contains a variety of healthy flavonoids with heart healthy benefits and has been found to be supportive of healthy blood pressure levels. Other research find that chocolate is also supportive of healthy blood lipids. ChocoPerfection Low Carb Alternative However normal chocolate usually … [Read more...]

Matcha – the King of Green Teas

Years ago I attended a seminar on matcha tea and was fascinated by the complex and painstaking steps used in the growing and processing of the tea leaves. Matcha tea has a beautiful rich green color. This color comes from matcha's unique growing and harvesting process which concentrates … [Read more...]

Jade Yoga Mat, Natural Rubber is Better

I find floor work for yoga or other exercise to be pretty difficult on hard floors. Over the years I’ve tried a number of different brands and have found that many of them have different qualities that were lacking. Many did have enough cushioning for me to be happy. Others were just a bit too … [Read more...]

Organic India Tulsi Tea

I think it is much more beneficial to take herbs in their tea form rather than taking them in a pill. I believe that your body needs to taste what you are getting in order to use it properly. It really makes it easy when the tea taste great as some herbs have a pretty bad flavor. This is why I love … [Read more...]

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Lower Mortality Rate 17%

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Lower Mortality Rate 17% Yes you heard it right at least according to a study in the  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition of over 77,000 participants. The study looked at supplements use of the participants and followed the subjects for a 5 year timeframe. It was … [Read more...]

Canine Pill Pockets Beef by Greenies Easy Way to Give Dog Pills

Do you have a hard time giving your dog pills? I’ve owned a number of dogs through the years and have tried to butter the pills, wrap the pills in meat, stuff the pills down the throat and anything else that I think may work. What is even more difficult is traveling as when I’ve left the dog with … [Read more...]

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