Bifidobacteria Probiotics

Probiotics - Bifidobacteria Everyone has heard of antibiotics. We know anti means against and the biotic means backteria. Probiotics are the exact opposite with the prefix pro. Probiotics consist of a variety of different types of bacteria and even some yeast. Probiotics or the friendly … [Read more...]

Prebiotics, why are they important?

I was talking to a friend who is an MD the other day and we were discussing the importance of probiotics. What was interesting was he wasn’t sure of the difference between prebiotics and probiotics or even the different types of probiotics. I thought it would be a good idea to give people a sense … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Every year over 1 million Americans suffer from a heart attack. People are becoming more aware of the serious nature of heart disease and the need to prevent it. There is a correlation between heart disease and education with those of a higher education level having a … [Read more...]

Alive!® Whole Food Energizer™

Alive!® Whole Food Energizer™ Not Just a Multi, It’s Nutrition You Can Feel™ Introducing Alive!® Whole Food Energizer™ — the most complete supplements for daily energy. Beyond being just multi-vitamins, they’re “mega nutrients” with more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any … [Read more...]

Alba Botanica – Natural Skin Care Products for Healthy Skin

Alba Botanica for Healthy Skin With increasing demand for natural skincare, Alba Botanical offers unique natural products for all skin types. Their products contain pure plant proteins, natural botanicals, vitamins, advanced sea enzymes and tropical fruit, nut and plant essences from the Hawaiian … [Read more...]

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale This Memorial Day weekend you can save two ways at WebVitamins. This special is available to our blog readers only. If you order more than 25 dollars’ worth of product you will not only save 5% off your order but will get free standard shipping.  You must order online to qualify … [Read more...]

West Paw Design, Environmentally Friendly Green Pet Products

West Paw – Pamper Your Dog with Eco-Friendly Products West Paw Design not only makes eco-friendly product but their products are also made in the United States in Bozeman, MT. We love the Nature Nap pet beds that incorporate recycled and recyclable materials. Not only do we love them but our … [Read more...]

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