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Natures Answer…40 Years of Excellence Since 1972 From the age of 7 Frank D’Amelio Sr., CEO of Nature’s Answer had a powerful interest in the healing and restorative powers of plants. In 1972, after studying natural healing and taking courses on botany, herbal healing and chemistry, Frank … [Read more...]

Get a Real Shave With Lucky Tiger and Save 20%

The Start of Lucky Tiger Lucky Tiger's roots go back to 1927 when P.S. Harris, an amateur scientist, and popular barber inKansas City,Missouri, created a tonic for the hair and scalp in his basement. He called it Lucky Tiger Tonic. Everyone who visited P.S.’s Barbershop would look forward to their … [Read more...]

Overeating on Low Protein Diet

Low Protein Diets May Cause Overeating Studies have found that those who eat foods that are low in protein tend to consume more fats and carbohydrates to satisfy hunger and to meet the body’s demands for energy.  Because fats and carbohydrates are among the most available and inexpensive food … [Read more...]

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Save 10% of Nature’s Way This Weekend Oct 21-23 We are doing a rare sale on Nature’s Way product this weekend. The entire line is 10 percent off when you enter the coupon code NATWAY9. Nature’s Way is one of our bestselling brands with a selection of high quality herbs, vitamins, probiotics and … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss In addition to the many potential health benefits that can result from drinking green tea, recent research suggests that consuming green tea may help fight obesity. According to studies conducted by scientists at Penn State University, drinking lots of green tea can boost … [Read more...]

Save 10% off Primadophilus Optima Coupon Code Inside

Primadophilus® Optima Introducing High Potency Probiotics – Beyond being a potent probiotic, Primadophilus Optima presents three options; 60, 90 and 100 billion colony forming units (CFU’s), with a variety of 10 strains all from 100% Human Digestive Strain (HDS). 7 Reasons to Choose Primadophilus … [Read more...]

Flawed Supplement Study on Women

Results of a Flawed Study Used to Discredit Supplement Use The Iowa Women’s Health Study recently published faulty results which makes supplement usage appear to be risky at best and at worst, potentially fatal.  Life Extension had previously published statements regarding certain companies’ … [Read more...]

Earth Therapeutics- Natural Body Care

Earth Therapeutics- Natural Body Care   Earth Therapeutics is a very popular and trusted brand that has an extensive line of natural body care products that soothe and pamper from head to toe.  In addition to the cleansers, lotions, hand and nail care, bath salts and facial care products, Earth … [Read more...]

Health Care Data Portability

Health Care Data Portability At times patients experience frustrating limits when it comes to sharing health care records with doctors or specialists outside of their health care network, or having immediate access to their records.  There is currently a growing demand for record portability, and … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Type 2 Diabetes

Dark Chocolate May Have Health Benefits for those with Type 2 Diabetes Good news for dark chocolate lovers:  Recent studies (published in Diabetic Medicine) have shown that consuming 45g of dark chocolate per day can yield positive results for those with type 2 diabetes.   While sugar intake is … [Read more...]

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