Omega-3′s Improve Depression Symptoms

Omega-3s Effective for Improving Depression Symptoms Recently there has been some confusion regarding the effect of omega-3s on mood, and more specifically on depression.  A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed no benefit of omega-3 supplementation on mood or … [Read more...]

Obese Teens and Vitamin D Levels

Recent Study Finds High-Dose Vitamin D to be Effective for Obese Teens Last year, after conducting in depth studies on vitamin D intake, the Institute of Medicine increased the recommended Vitamin D daily intake levels.  Following this increase, the University of Missouri conducted a study in … [Read more...]

Cyber Monday Sale

Save this coming Monday Our Cyber Monday sale starts Monday November 28th at 12 am eastern and ends at 12 am November 29 at 12 AM eastern. Sale is for orders over 55 dollars. Save 10% off your order and get free shipping. Instructions to take advantage of sale. This special is available … [Read more...]

Kold Kare Save 10%

 Andrographis to Kold Kare I remember, as a young boy, helping my uncles plant potatoes one year on my grandfather’s farm. Like most plants, potatoes require special care and knowledge to harvest and store quality produce. Potatoes don't ripen in the first two weeks of time, but require 6 weeks to … [Read more...]

Save 10% on At Last Naturals

Save - At Last Naturals Menopause is the point in a woman's life when her menstrual periods have stopped for more than a year. The average age of menopause for women in this country is approximately 51 years. At Last Naturals has been creating outstanding women's health products for over 40 … [Read more...]

Save on Enzymatic Therapy this Weekend

Save 10 % off the entire Enzymatic Therapy brand with our special coupon code. Use coupon code: THEENZ to get your 10 % off in our cart.  Offer Good till Nov. 20 2011  … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive Oil Protects Against Dangerous LDL Cholesterol While many are familiar with LDL cholesterol as “bad” cholesterol, it is even more dangerous to the body when it becomes oxidized. LDL becomes oxidized when it reacts with free radicals. Then oxidized LDL in turn becomes more reactive with the … [Read more...]

Laughter Helps You Sleep Better and Helps Depression

Positive Effects of Laughter on Sleep and Depression While many say that laughter is the best medicine, scientific research is confirming the benefits of laughter in promoting overall health and wellness, and more specifically it can boost the effectiveness of treatments used to improve depression … [Read more...]

Acai Study Shows Benefit in Joint Pain

Acai and Joint Pain Acai, considered as a super fruit, has been used to treat digestive problems including intestinal parasites, diarrhea and dysentery. Acai has also been used to boost energy and support the immune system. New research suggests that the dark purple berries may also help slow … [Read more...]

Weekend Sale Save 15% on Country Life

This weekend starts our 15% off sale on Country Life Vitamins The Country Life sale runs from 11/12/11 till  11/14/11. To Save 15% off use Coupon Code: CLIFE in your shopping cart. … [Read more...]

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