Air Pollution and Arteriosclerosis

Air Pollution Tied To Hardening Of Arteries Just like smoking can be bad for your heart so can living in a polluted area. This article in Medical News Today discusses how over time air pollution leads to faster arteriosclerosis. Less air pollution means less hardening of the arteries. Since … [Read more...]

Drug Cost attacked by Cancer Docs

Cancer Physicians Attack High Drug Costs This article, in the New York Times, talks about how some doctors are speaking out against the pharmaceutical companies who are charging sometimes as much as 100,000 a year from certain cancer medications. I particularly like this quote about the cost, … [Read more...]

Melatonin Holds Promise for ALS

In Mice Melatonin Delays ALS Symptom Onset And Death In Medical News Today is an article on using melatonin for the treatment of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease).  What the research team found was melatonin was a powerful antioxidant that helps to block and slow down enzymes that cause cell … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Protein Intake

Nearly Half of Women Eat Protein to Lose Weight This article in Nutraceuticals World discusses the strategy employed by many women to lose weight. The elevated protein intake for many women was effective as the women who used it did lose more weight. The downside of eating more protein is that … [Read more...]

Baikal Skullcap Shows Antiviral Effect

Extract of Scutellaria baicalensis inhibits dengue virus replication Scutellaria baicalensis or Baikal skullcap is commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). While it is traditionally used to support the immune system it is also a powerful antihistamine. The article above in BMC … [Read more...]

Kids Want to Eat Fruit – But Want it Easy

If you’ve been following our articles you’ve read that the next generation is in danger of being unhealthier than this generation. Getting our children to eat right is of the upmost importance to reverse this trend. This article in Medical News Today tells us that kids love fruit but want it in … [Read more...]

Emu Oil and Irritable Bowl Disease

Emu Oil As An Alternative Treatment For Irritable Bowel Disease, Study Emu oil in this study in Asian Scientist is thought to help irritable bowel disease as well as damage to the bowels caused by chemotherapy. The emu oil was found to help repair and recovery of the bowl. The emu oil leads to … [Read more...]

EPA And DHA In Fish Oil, What Is The Difference? Dr. Low Dog Video

EPA And DHA In Fish Oil, What Is The Difference? Dr. Tieraon - YouTube. Dr. Tieraona Low Dog explains the differences in the use of EPA and DHA. Essential information for those who are taking essential oils and want to learn more. Why would you want more DHA? Why would you want more EPA? What … [Read more...]

DHA good for Young People’s Memory

‘Far-reaching benefits’: DHA omega-3 may boost memory for healthy young people Great news form NutraIngredients. If I’d known this when I was young I’d have been living on fish oil daily. But it looks like DHA may not only improve memory it may also improve reaction time in younger people. Make … [Read more...]

GMOs and Baby Formula

Pressure mounts to oust GMOs from infant formula Do we really want to be experimenting on our children? The above article in Engredea reports that Abbott Laboratories shareholders will be voting on a policy of sourcing GMO free materials for infant formulas. We certainly don’t want our children … [Read more...]

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