Vitamin E Protects Liver

Vitamin E May Alleviate Symptoms Of Liver Disease Brought On By Obesity Medical News Today has an article about a study that found vitamin E may be effective in fighting off liver disease in obese individuals. These finding could impact as 63 million overweight Americans. Given that the majority … [Read more...]

Dragon and Tiger Qigong

Dragon and Tiger Qigong Online Program Sample Video - YouTube. A simple yet effective way of staying healthy is QiGong. This series is a great way to learn. The beauty of Dragon Tiger QiGong is its ability to be done in a relatively short period of time. However at the same time it is an effective … [Read more...]

New National GMO Bill

National GMO labeling bill introduced Great news in the article above from New Hope about GMO’s for those of use who’ve been hoping for national legislation on GMO labeling. We had hoped for a common sense bill to let us know if GMO’s are in our foods. The consumers are demanding to have it on the … [Read more...]

Sodium Intakes Increased in Last 10 Years

Worrying Rise In Sodium Intake In US Over Last Decade This article in Medical News Today, discusses how over the last 10 years the intake of sodium has increased dramatically in this country. This is a great concern as sodium is known to be related to elevated blood pressure and resulting stoke and … [Read more...]

Berries Protect the Brain

Berries Help Brain To Clear Toxic Accumulation This article above from Medical News Today discusses the protective effects of strawberries and blueberries against toxin accumulation in the brain. The study found that rats fed a berry diet had protection from radiation. The researchers looked at … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet in Older Adults

Older Adults Benefit From Mediterranean Diet's Health Effects This article in Medical News Today, discusses how the Mediterranean diet is helpful in keeping uric acid levels down in older adults. High levels of uric acid are associated with not only kidney disease and gout but also HBP, diabetes, … [Read more...]

Alzheimer’s and A Stimulating Environment

Bursts Of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease This article in Medical New Today discusses research related to Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is related amyloid plaque. Just like there are is good cholesterol there is a good amyloid called amyloid beta 40. Rats brains that … [Read more...]

Bird Flu Watch

The H7N9 Flu in China: Should You Be Scared? This article from Dr. Oz’s blog discusses the bird flu and if we should be worried or not. The N7N9 can be deadly so it is worth closely watching what is happing. Exactly how the virus is spread is currently unknown as it isn’t believe to be spread … [Read more...]

Save 10% on Pet Naturals of Vermont

Pet Naturals of Vermont Animals have unique nutritional needs. Pet Naturals® of Vermont understands that about our pets--and yours.That's why we're proud to create pure, reliable formulas that meet those needs on individual levels. We offer a wide variety of pet supplements in every category of … [Read more...]

Cooking at Home

How cooking at home can save your life This article by Dr. Hyman discusses how essential taking charge of your diet. If you’ve been following our articles you’ll know that we are ranked dead last of 17 nations in health care. Dr. Hyman tells us that the cure for our disease is in cooking at … [Read more...]

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