Organic Foods Proven to be Safer

Organically grown foods may offer greater health and safety than foods conventionally grown

Scientists have long recognized the dangers of cadmium (Cd) exposure to the human body. This heavy metal is emerging as a major cause of vascular disorders, common cancers, osteoporosis, and kidney disease, and can also cause damage to the body’s reproductive and neurological systems. While tobacco smoke can be a significant source of exposure for smokers, the primary source of cadmium exposure for nonsmokers is through consumption of contaminated plant-based foods. A survey of all previous pertinent research (meta-analysis), appearing recently in the British Journal of Nutrition, concluded that organically grown foods are on average 48 percent lower in Cd than conventionally grown foods. Now, in an invited commentary appearing in the same journal, Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute cardiovascular research scientist James J. DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D., and Mark F. McCarty, B.A., place this finding in the context of the growing epidemiology linking Cd exposure to adverse health outcomes, and conclude that consistent consumption of organic foods over a lifetime could be expected to favorably influence health and mortality risk.

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Low Protein Diet During Pregnancy Predisposes Offspring to Diabetes

Eating a low protein diet during pregnancy may predispose offspring to diabetes

Pregnancy Diet Tips

Pregnancy Diet Tips


Millions of people throughout the world are affected by diabetes. In particular, the rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes is associated with global increases in obesity and changes in diet. There is also a genetic component to the development of type 2 diabetes, and recent evidence suggests that the fetal environment can influence the onset of this disease. A new study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation suggests that a maternal diet low in protein predisposes offspring to type 2 diabetes. Ernesto Bernal-Mizrachi and colleagues at the University of Michigan fed female mice either a normal diet or one low in protein throughout their pregnancies. Offspring of mothers fed a low protein diet had decreased insulin levels and fewer β cells, the insulin producing cells of the pancreas.

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Probiotics Consumption Helps Diminish Fat Accumulation

Consuming probiotics for a month helps diminish fat accumulation in the liver, according to a new study


Spanish scientists have demonstrated through an experiment on obese rats that the consumption of probiotics during thirty days helps diminish the accumulation of fat in the liver. This new finding, published by the journal PLOS ONE, is a great step forward on the fight against the Non-Alcolohic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), which is closely related to obesity and diabetes. Researchers from the ‘Nutrition Biochemistry: Theurapetic Applications’ group (CTS-461) and the José Mataix Institute for Nutrition and Food Technology at the University of Granada have demonstrated that the administration of three probiotic strains diminishes the accumulation of fat in the liver of obese rats.

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Stress and High-Fat Meals Can Slow Down Metabolism in Women

Weighty issue: Stress and high-fat meals combine to slow metabolism in women

Researchers questioned study participants about the previous day’s stressors before giving them a meal consisting of 930 calories and 60 grams of fat. The scientists then measured their metabolic rate — how long it took the women to burn calories and fat — and took measures of blood sugar, triglycerides, insulin and the stress hormone cortisol. On average, the women in the study who reported one or more stressors during the previous 24 hours burned 104 fewer calories than nonstressed women in the seven hours after eating the high-fat meal — a difference that could result in weight gain of almost 11 pounds in one year. The stressed women also had higher levels of insulin, which contributes to the storage of fat, and less fat oxidation — the conversion of large fat molecules into smaller molecules that can be used as fuel. Fat that is not burned is stored.

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Pets Get Sick Too

Sally Doing Stick em Up

Sally Doing Stick em Up

Top 10 Medical Conditions that Prompt a Visit to the Vet

At WebVitamins, we all love our dogs and cats. At work, we not only follow the lives of each other but we follow the lives of each other’s pets. Pets are such an important part of all our lives.

The above article discusses the conditions that people bring their dogs and cat to the vet. Some of the most common conditions people bring dogs in for are skin conditions. I think some of the cause of skin conditions in dogs has to do with food. I have found before that switching to a lamb and rice has worked in the past. Other people at work have found the raw diet to work with their animal. I have also found adding fish oil to the diet can be very helpful in reducing skin problems. The final thing that has worked well in the past is adding digestive enzymes to the dog’s food.

I have had good results with dogs using fish oil, glucosamine, and chondroitin in the treatment of arthritis.

I have owned many cats yet I always find them the most difficult to treat. All my cats seem to be fussy and getting them to take supplements has been nearly impossible. However, I always use prescription food to help prevent urinary tract infections and have not had any problems since my very first cat first suffered from them.

Unfortunately, my current cat has not looked well since the 2007 pet food recalls where they had melamine contamination. The contamination affected many of the different foods and poor Simba has not looked the same sense. However, recently the cat has been looking much better. Giving the cat any pills is nearly impossible. What seemed to help him was giving him goat’s milk every day. His coat is looking so much better since he has been consuming goat’s milk on a daily basis.


The picture above is my dog Sally. Sally is now nearly 18 years old. In fact, about three years ago at this time of year Sally was diagnosed with heart failure and Cushing’s disease and given three months to live. We use veterinary’s beta-blocker and Lasix at first to try to get Sally healthy. We added our own vitamins including coenzyme Q 10. After a few months, we were able to wean Sally off the beta-blocker and eventually the Lasix. Today she shows no more hint of heart failure.

However, during that time, Sally suffered a stroke in her spinal cord that made her unable to walk. Upping her vitamins and nutrients, she is doing remarkably well and is back to climbing stairs again. Some people have called her are miracle dog and she truly is. She lives a remarkably happy life today and I believe if it were not for her treatment with natural products, wound not be here today.


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Is Your Dog Overweight? You May be Also

Overweight Owners Lead Pets to Obesity

Richard French, DVM, MS, PhD, Dean of Animal Studies and Allerton Chair of Animal Health Sciences at Becker College believes that the pet owner’s health and well being could also reflect on that of their pets.

He urges pet owners to lead a healthy lifestyle for the sake of their beloved pets. French refers particularly to dangerous health problems such as obesity and high blood pressure. It was said that overweight owners are more likely to have fat pets as well.

Find out more about this interesting information item/overweight-owners-lead-pets-obesity

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Pet Mussel Power

Green Lipped Mussel


Perna Canaliculus, the Green Lipped Mussel, is produced commercially in pristine waters off the New Zealand coast. It is a nutritional whole food the possesses an exceptional degree of biological activity. This edible bivalve has been a valuable food source for the native people of New Zealand for centuries. It contains the ocean’s natural mineral balance, similar to that found in the human body.


Perna Canaliculus contains complex proteins, polypeptides, naturally chelated minerals; long chain unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes, glycoaminoglycans (GAGs), vitamins, nucleic acids, Chondroitin sulfates, glycoproteins and polysaccharides.


Green Lip Mussel offers unmatched anti-inflammatory benefits for your dog or cat. GLM is a natural source of Chondroitin, glucosamine and ETA’s (omega 3). GLM has been successful in managing degenerative joint disease and arthritis in both human and veterinary fields: GLM contains natural anti-inflammatory agents and many essential building blocks needed to rebuild the necessary components in joints. It is reported to reduce pain; swelling and inflammation associated with arthritis and improve joint mobility. Besides the obvious benefits for dogs, cats and horses, preliminary studies have shown Perna to help increase sperm count and motility in breeding stock.

Our Process:

Jump Your Bones Pet Treats process of manufacturing is dehydration. Our process is a first for Australia, and enables a wide range of products such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables to be produced without the use of artificial colorings, preservatives or additives. Technology used in the process ensures product color and flavor is maintained making them the most nutritional treat available. Our processing plant conforms to the highest quality control standards.

Dosage Rates:

Feed as a treat. For the first two weeks suggested dosage 2 mussels (average size) a day (45kg and up). Maintenance one mussel a day.


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West Paw Design, Environmentally Friendly Green Pet Products

West Paw – Pamper Your Dog with Eco-Friendly Products

West Paw Design not only makes eco-friendly product but their products are also made in the United States in Bozeman, MT.

We love the Nature Nap pet beds that incorporate recycled and recyclable materials. Not only do we love them but our pets seem to find them comfortable and cozy. The Beds use IntelliLoft filling which is made of 61% recycled material. The fabric is a poly knit that is strong enough to reduce shredding while still being soft for your pet.

West Paw Design also has the Zogoflex dog toys.  Zogoflex is 100% recyclable and it floats. It is also dishwasher safe. The Zogoflex material is non-toxic to animals as well. The Zogoflex toys are guaranteed with either a one-time refund or replacement.

We hope you’ll try West Paw Design and we are offering 15% off till the end of September on any West Paw Design bed, toy or any other west paw product.

To Get the Discount Use Coupon Code WESTPAW till Sept 30th 2011

This offer is for online orders only.

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What is the Number 1 Vet Brand for Joint Health?

Cosequin is the Number 1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand.

Glucosamine is as important to your pet’s health as it is to your health. However getting your pet to take their pills can be a big struggle. Cosequin the #1 veterinarian brand is now available in soft chews which make it easy for your dog to take their daily glucosamine as a treat.


  • 10-29 lbs.             1
  • 30-59                     2
  • 60-89                     3
  • 90-120                   4

Initial dosage is one higher than above for 30-120 lbs.

The product is tasty and maximum strength and works for dogs of all sizes.

You can save today using the coupon code SOFTCHEW in your cart and save 10% off Cosequin soft chews.

Offer Ends Sept 29 2011

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