Adora Calcium Supplement Reviews

Adora Calcium Supplement is a premium chocolate compound that not only tastes good but is good for you.  Adora is produced by Thompson Brands out of Meriden CT,  one of America’s first chocolatiers. Being a chocolate maker has allowed them to produce a product that taste more like premium chocolate than a dietary supplement. Adora Calcium Supplements not only contain premium chocolate but they are gluten free, they have no corn syrup, and no trans fats. They come in the healthful dark chocolate, which we tested, and milk chocolate.

Each disc of Adora contains:

  • 30 calories
  • 18 calories from fat
  • Total Fat 2g
  • Saturated Fat 1.5g
  • Trans Fat 0g
  • Total Carbs 3g
  • Sugars 2g
  • Vitamins D 250 IU
  • Calcium 500mg
  • Magnesium 40mg
  • Ingredients: Chocolate liquor, sugar, calcium carbonate, cocoa butter, magnesium oxide, soy lecithin, vanilla, vitamin D3

A great tasting supplement with 500 mg of calcium and 250 IU of vitamin D3 is an enjoyable way to enhance your nutritional status. Calcium pills tend to be large and difficult to swallow but not Adora. This is a much easier way to get your calcium.

Reviews of Adora:

  • Amazing, I love this because I never remember to take my vitamins during my meal. This will make it easy for me to get my calcium.
  • Amazing, really good.
  • Delicious, however slight chalky case
  • Definitely worth the price even just for the flavor.
  • I loved it.
  • Wow


  • Contains trace amounts of milk
  • Made in a facility that process nuts
  • Children keep out of reach
  • Keep away from pets
  • Store in cool place
  • Do not overdose. More than 2500 mg per day is not advised.
  • Do not treat as a food treat as a dietary supplement.

There are other chocolate flavored calcium supplements we have tried but they have that distinct chalky flavor and are missing the premium chocolate taste. See our offer below to try Adora today.

Adora Calcium Supplement Dark Chocolate

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Expires May 31 2011

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  1. Ptll2001 says:

    I take it as snack.

  2. Allen5_84 says:

    It tastes just like pure chocolate, so it’s hard to restrict myself to take 1 piece a day.

  3. Z88_r22 says:

    I love this supplement, it is delicious, and your sale price is cheap.

  4. Mark_mel68 says:

    They taste like Dove chocolates. What a great way to get Calcium

  5. Tom_heini51 says:

    I love Adora Chocolate.

  6. This is a good one. I’m a chocolate lover so it’s an advantage if I’m going to take in calcium supplements that tastes like chocolate. You get calcium and you get chocolates. :)


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