Allergies driving you crazy too?

As a frequent allergy sufferer I decided to try out a couple of different options after my doctor suggested using a nasal saline wash to calm the sinus irritation that I was describing.  I began by trying a Naturade Saline and Aloe spray  The spray worked well enough but I did find myself having occasional coordination issues with the soft plastic spray bottle from time to time.  It seemed to provide calming relief but I wasn’t sure it was acting as a preventative because it was difficult to control the metering of the sprays.  On to try another option…

The ceramic Neti Pot is a nice way to make sure that the sinuses are being rinsed of irritants and doesnt involve guess work about whether or not it is properly treating the area.  It also looks pleasant which is nice given the somewhat uncomfortable feeling involved with the use of any nasal rinse.  I did find myself having trouble from time to time tilting my head just right to get it to properly flush through.  In the end it took an unsurvivable tumble against the shower’s ceramic floor and it was no more.  Onward to another alternative…

Finally I decided to try out the Nasaline Nasal Irrigator despite the fact that it looks a bit foreboding.  I did appreciate the 10 pre-measured salt packets that came along with it and the ease of use given the ability to control the flow through the nasal passages with the syringe type action. The tip is made of a nice soft silicone and the syringe is of coarse plastic which is great given the demise of the Neti Pot. All in all the Nasaline Irrigator seems like a really good option for saline rinsing if the need so arises.  Allergy sufferers give it a try and let us know what you think!


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