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Simple Allergy Season Tips

1. Researchers are finding that stress is one of the largest aggravators of many chronic illnesses. Short-term stress can intensify symptoms while long-term stress may degrade the immune system overall. Unfortunately, allergies can trigger stress as well, resulting in a vicious cycle of stress and allergies. Being proactive about stress relief can reverse this cycle and turn it in your favor. Exercise, sleep, and methods of relaxation such as meditation can reduce stress and help inhibit allergy symptoms.

2. Opt for a natural remedy. Butterbur (Petasites hybridus) quickly became one of the most popular herbal remedies for allergies after clinical trials showed butterbur to be as effective as leading antihistamines. When using butterbur, be cautious of side effects and be sure to use a standardized extract that is free of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (a chemical found naturally in butterbur that is toxic to liver and kidneys).

3. Adaptogens and related herbs have shown useful in relieving allergies with limited side effects or interactions. With similar properties to adaptogens, high-quality andrographis has been shown to:

a. Support a healthy immune system to fight off allergens

b. Assist healthy breathing and help open the sinuses and airways

c. Support sinus health

d. Reduce stress

4. Exercising and cardio have multiple benefits for relieving allergies. Exercise helps move fluids throughout your body, decongesting your sinuses and flushing allergens from your body. It gets your blood flowing, preventing inflammation by keeping allergens from building up in the bloodstream and attacking your cells.

5. Exercise also helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins – “happy chemicals” that are produced to buffer against pain and stress. These chemicals help you feel better and have been shown to enhance the immune system’s response, providing better defense against allergens. Exercise provides one of the simplest keys to overall wellness. If you’re exercising outdoors, however, be sure to shower after to rinse off any stow-away allergens from your skin.

By Richard DeSoto

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  1. Ola! Admin,
    I know what you mean, The Midwest, the Southeast, the Northwest, and even the Southwest all have them. They cause people to sneeze, they make people cry, and they even keep people in their house. These wretched things can make a two hundred pound body builder feel like a train wreck. People can’t get away from them, they are nearly omnipresent. They are at the store, in the house, outside on the porch, in bed, out of bed and at work. They can’t be seen but surely can be felt. They change at times with some years are really bad and other years not so bad. Rain is good for them and bad for people who are affected by them. When it’s time for laughing and running, people are sniffing and sitting. So what is it that can be so bad? It is allergens and they are indiscriminate. They affect millions every year and it is sometimes tough to get a handle on the specific allergen that is having an impact on any one person. There are basically three different or recommended treatments according to the people who fight allergies and try to help people live a comfortable life during allergy season or year round for those with allergies that are not season specific.
    I’ll be back to read more next time

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