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Neti Pots have been used safely and beneficially for thousands of years world wide.  Millions of Americans use neti pots regularly with no ill effects or problems.  Recently several cases have come into the news about people in Louisiana who died as a result of an amoebic infection possibly resulting from using water that was contaminated with this amoeba.  This particular type of amoeba is endemic to that region of Louisiana and there are apparently cases of people being infected by swimming in lakes or ponds in that area in the past as well.  We know of no cases outside that particular region where this has occurred.

While the national focus on these two Louisiana cases has brought a level of concern to the national media, it is quite apparent that this seems to be a highly localized problem due to the water supply in that part of the country.

Our current position is that in the interest of people who have such a concern acting in the safest possible manner, if they are using their  tap water, we are recommending that they use recently boiled water, to alleviate any concern.  Alternatively they can use sterilized or distilled water.  In either case, they will need to bring the water to a lukewarm status (not hot nor cold).   They can certainly also check with the local authorities about any issues that may need to be addressed  in their local water supply, and the purity standards used by their local water supplier. 

We have updated the usage instructions available online on our website at to reflect these points.  The instructions online indicate the recommendation to use recently boiled or distilled water with the neti pot.

Neti Pots can be very beneficial and have been recommended by health professionals as a positive way to clean their nasal passages.  By using recently boiled or distilled water, users can alleviate concerns raised by the recent media-noted cases from a section of Louisiana.

We also recommend the regular cleaning of neti pots after use.  The Ancient Secrets ceramic and plastic models were both designed to be safe for use in automatic dishwashers which provides a level of cleaning that is the best way to keep them clean and provide the user the best experience.  Some other brands are not designed to be dishwasher-safe, so the use of an automatic dishwashing machine needs to be based on the specific brand of neti pot being used.

Our Ancient Secrets brand neti pots are also designed to be microwave safe for those who want to heat distilled water quickly in a microwave.  Regardless of how the water is heated, it should be allowed to cool to lukewarm status.

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