Argan Oil For Your Beauty Needs

Argan Oil: Your All-Purpose Beauty Workhorse


Argan oil has been having its heyday for a few years now, and due to the endless number of beauty benefits it boasts, we don’t think it’s going anywhere. At The Organic Beauty, we’re all about simplicity. Nature provides us with some of the most potent and effective (not to mention safe and non-toxic) beauty ingredients that totally eliminate the need for the synthetic, harmful products found on the shelves of pharmacies and department stores. And Argan oil is quickly topping our list of the most effective and versatile ingredients out there. Less is more, we say, and if there’s one natural product out there that can take the place of tons of your beauty product stand-by’s, it’s Argan oil. But be careful of impostors. Many products, like “Moroccan oil,” have only a small amount of Argan oil that is highly processed and therefore loses much of its benefits. Fillers and added chemicals in these products pretty much negate any positive health and beauty effects, so steer clear and opt for organic 100% pure Argan oil instead.

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