Beauty Starts With Honey

Beauty Inside and Out Starts with Honey   As most of us know, our energy levels and skin tend to reflect our eating habits. Luckily, the current food-conscious climate is buzzing with an increased appreciation of natural ingredients' unique benefits; for example, honey and its ability to … [Read more...]

You Vs. Wrinkles

WINNING THE WAR AGAINST WRINKLES   "Wrinkles are beautiful," said Adolfo Dominguez, who coined this slogan, famous in the Spanish fashion trade of the 1980s. This is not true, however. According to different sources, the market for dealing with the wrinkles that etch the years onto our skin … [Read more...]

Vitamin A Against Breast Cancer?

Can vitamin A battle breast cancer?   A derivative of vitamin A, known as retinoic acid, found abundantly in sweet potato and carrots, helps turn pre-cancer cells back to normal healthy breast cells, according to research published this month in the International Journal of Oncology. The … [Read more...]

Amino Acid Deficiency Linked to Brain Degeneration

Amino acid deficiency leads to brain degeneration in Huntington's disease   Working with genetically engineered mice, Johns Hopkins neuroscientists report they have identified what they believe is the cause of the vast disintegration of a part of the brain called the corpus striatum in rodents … [Read more...]

Folate Levels Reduced by UV Exposure

Folate levels in young women reduced by UV exposure   Women who are pregnant or trying to fall pregnant and taking a folic acid supplement may be at risk of reducing their folate benefit through sun exposure, a new QUT study has warned. In a paper titled Exposure to solar ultraviolet radiation … [Read more...]

Obesity and Diabetes Linked to Outcomes of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer outcomes adversely affected by obesity and diabetes   Both obesity and diabetes have adverse effects on outcomes in breast cancer patients who receive chemotherapy as primary treatment before surgery (neoadjuvant chemotherapy), according to research presented at the 9th European … [Read more...]

Why Spend On Organic Food?

Organic foods are worth spending a little extra — now more than ever Let’s start at square one and get this detail out of the way. Years of research shows that organic food is more nutritious. Naysayers will tell you it’s not, but they’ve been proven wrong time and again. So eat organic foods and … [Read more...]

Regular Activity Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

Regular physical activity reduces breast cancer risk irrespective of age   Practising sport for more than an hour day reduces the risk of contracting breast cancer, and this applies to women of any age and any weight, and also unaffected by geographical location, according to research presented … [Read more...]

Childhood Obesity Risk Reduced by Low Protein Intake During Infancy

Low protein intake in infancy reduces childhood obesity risk   Results of a European study to be presented at an international conference this week have revealed that a low intake of protein during infancy can reduce a child's risk of becoming obese by the time they go to school. The research … [Read more...]

Soy Formula Linked to Seizure in Children with Autism

Possible association between soy formula and seizures in children with autism   A University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher has detected a higher rate of seizures among children with autism who were fed infant formula containing soy protein rather than milk protein. The study found excess … [Read more...]

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