Bacopa and Memory

For years we have been using Bacopa to improve memory. A recent PubMed search for Bacopa monnieri and memory yielded 21 results. A recent study compared Bacopa monnieri with placebo in adults older than 55 years of age. The participants not receiving placebo received 300 mg a day of Bacopa monnieri for 12 weeks.

The study showed that Bacopa monnieri significantly improved memory, delayed recall, and verbal learning compared to placebo.

There were some side effects in the Bacopa monnieri group such as an increase in abdominal cramps, nausea and stool frequency.

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  1. Prirmose lin says:

    how long does it work if i take Bacopa

    • Anonymous says:

      May start to notice some results in 4 weeks….the study took a total of 12 weeks when they evaluated.

  2. Does Bacopa help Parkinsonism?

  3. Jonathan_vanwel says:

    I don’t really know Bacopa, why i should spend money on it?

    • jmontague says:

      That is a good question. As with any supplement, you need to determine if it is helpful for you. It may be a good idea to start small. Make sure you test yourself before starting a trail. Then after 4 weeks see if your memory has improved.


  4. Primrose says:

    Does eveybody have the side effect it mentions above?

  5. Very interesting, never heard of Bacopa before. Do you know what it is made off or where in nature this can be found?

    • jmontague says:

      IT is a plant that is commonly found in marshy areas throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and is also found in Florida.

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