Bee Sting Therapy for Rheumatoid


Relieving Rheumatoid Arthritis with Bee Sting Therapy

Owe that has to really sting. I have never tried bee sting therapy intentionally and the times I did I didn’t enjoy the experience at all. However I’ve spoken with a number of people suffering from arthritis of various kinds that have sworn by bee sting therapy.

This article by Cathy Wong discusses a publication that compared bee sting therapy and medication verses medication alone for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. Both groups saw improvement however the bee sting therapy group had a lower rate of reoccurrence.

The same article discusses how multiple sclerosis patients did not respond to bee sting therapy.

Bee stings are very dangerous and I know people who have nearly died due to bee stings. The people I know who have gone for bee sting therapy have gone to farms where laymen did the therapy.

It can be very dangerous and if tried you should have a profession with an EpiPin to make sure you don’t suffer an allergic reaction.


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