Vitamin D Helpful in African Americans Blood Pressure

Vitamin D research is always new and changing. It seems that more and more research is showing how effective Vitamin D is in helping a wide range of diseases.

Vitamin D May Lower Blood Pressure in African Americans

Most people are aware of the higher rate of high blood pressure in African Americans. Some may also be aware that the vitamin D status of African Americans is lower than average. This study that was published in Hypertension found the supplementation with vitamin D lowered blood pressure in African Americans.

Dosages were 1000-4000 i.u. The patients who received the highest dosages of vitamin D showed the best results in terms of blood pressure reduction.

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What we see is that people seem scared of Vitamin D and don’t seem to take enough to get the benefit. We are finding that 2000- 5000 a day is a good dosage for many people. However it is important to keep your blood levels monitored. We’ve also seen that those with gluten issues seem to have difficulty in absorption.

Hopefully you can find a doctor with an open mind. Also look for more helpful information at Vitamin D Counsel.

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