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Love is in the air this month and the talk around the town is all about  BODYLOVE organic body & massage oils!

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It’s the largest organ of your body, and requires the same types of nutrients the rest of your body craves.
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You live with your skin 365 days a year – so this constant companion relies on you to take care of it daily.   It’s the largest organ of your body, and requires the same types of nutrients the rest of your body craves.

One of the best ways to deliver nutrients to this “organ” is by using topical plant- based oils.  They are packed with nutrients….and your skin LOVES them!   When plants are fresh pressed, the oil that is derived provides our bodies with many essential nutrients such as vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.  Bodyceuticals body & massage oils contain a beautiful blend of fruit oils including coconut, olive and avocado.

BodyLoves, and all the Bodyceuticals body oils, glide on the skin and leave it feeling silky, not greasy.  People come into our health food store and ask “what’s your favorite lotion?”  I share that I actually rarely use a lotion.  As a matter of fact, you’ll be able to get superior moisturizing results from using an oil instead of a lotion.  As long as you don’t buy oils that are overly viscous (stay on top of the skin too long), you’ll be very pleased at the way they soak in and leave your skin soft and glowing.

Whether you use them for a romantic massage – or just as a body or bath oil (they are even kid-friendly!) –  these yummy, and actually “edible” organic food-grade selections are a delightful treat for the skin and the senses.

Try all four flavors:  Almond Delight, Cherry on Top, Chocolate Dreams and Coconut Caress.  BODYLOVES  may have silly, ice-creamy names, but they are real nutrient powerhouses.  There’s no better way to say “I Love You” to yourself or someone else, than to give the gift of health.

COCONUT is one of the oils we love and use in many Bodyceuticals products.  It is an interesting plant that is actually a fruit, a nut and a seed all combined into one!   Coconut has been used for thousands of years – not only as a healthy food source, but also as a skin moisturizer.   Coconut is easily absorbed and is similar in consistency to human sebum, the oils in our skin cells that provide that healthy glow.  It feels great when applied and is packed with beneficial nutrients.

Another plant oil we use in BodyLove is AVOCADO.   It is bursting with vitamins especially Vitamin E.  Avocado also is known to boost collagen,  which is part of the connective tissue responsible for keeping skin toned and tight.  By increasing collagen production, avocado helps to prevent and reverse the appearance of wrinkles.

Last but not least, our all-time favorite oil is the olive. It’s a raw superfood which has lasting benefits on the body (you’ll find it also in our “famous” classic  ORGANIC CALENDULA OIL).

At Bodyceuticals, we feel that if you are going to use a massage oil on yourself or someone else, why not make it a healthy one?  Always remember to do something loving for that very important friend in your life – your skin.

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Bodyceuticals Bodylove Massage Oil

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Angelique M. Saffle is the president and founder of Bodyceuticals Calendula Skincare, Carnation, WA. Bodyceuticals specializes in their farm-grown flowers and has a full line of face and body moisturizers.

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