Can Alzheimer’s Be Predicted?

Can we predict Alzheimer’s a decade before symptoms?


Alzheimer’s is probably one of the scariest diseases one can ever have. Imagine waking up one day without any clue of where you are, where you’re going and worse, not recognizing the people around you – pretty scary eh? Ever since the disease was identified by Dr. Alois Alzheimer back in 1906, scientists never stopped looking for ways to be able to diagnose the disease at an early stage. What’s alarming with this disease is that the process could already be taking over your brain 20-25 years even before the first symptom shows, rendering patients unprepared of what’s in store for them. Just last year though, the FDA approved a brain imaging test — a type of PET scan — to detect the presence of amyloid proteins in the brain. However, the FDA admits that the test alone is not enough to diagnose the disease.


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