Canine Pill Pockets Beef by Greenies Easy Way to Give Dog Pills

Do you have a hard time giving your dog pills? I’ve owned a number of dogs through the years and have tried to butter the pills, wrap the pills in meat, stuff the pills down the throat and anything else that I think may work.

What is even more difficult is traveling as when I’ve left the dog with my in-laws they don’t like to wrestle and struggle with the dog as much as we will to get them to take their pills.

Our most recent dog (Sally) on pills had heart failure last year and is on a lot of CoQ10, hawthorne, a variety of natural remedies as well as medication. We are grateful as the vet didn’t give her long but a year later she is still happy and healthy. We give credit to the natural protocol we’ve prescribed for her.

We have a ritual of trying to get her to take her meds twice a day and she is happy as long as the pills are disguised in something that tastes pleasant. Sally loves food and will swallow her pills whole when they are wrapped in some type of sandwich meat.  

Ham had worked well but with us going on a trip we really needed something easier as we had to hand her off to our in-laws. We knew getting them to wrap each pill wasn’t going to be all that easy and we wanted to be sure she stayed on her treatment plan. Luckily I found Greenies Canine Pill Pickets. I was able in advance to set up a morning pocket of pills and an evening pocket of pills. This way I could give them the dog and all they had to do was throw Sally the pre-wrapped pills. This way we were assured that she was getting her pills as scheduled.

We’ve started to use them at home since every day as they are convenient and easy to use. WebVitamins has put them on special for you at 20 percent off.


Canine Pill Pockets Beef by Greenies

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  1. I also tried wrapping pills in meat but it didn’t work. :( Well…we can’t always outsmart our dogs!

  2. What I do is dissolve pills in water but sometimes dogs bite so hard which makes it difficult to open their mouth. Want to try this one with my dogs.

  3. I’ve also tried inserting the pills on our dog’s dinner. He still eats his dinner but everytime I look in his bowl, the pills are still there. I’ll try this product you mentioned.

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