Restaurant’s Making Us Fat

Restaurant Meals Have More Than Half of Daily Recommended Calories A recent study showed that people who eat in restaurants are likely to get more than one half of the recommended daily calorie intake. The study conducted by the researchers from the University of Toronto found that the average … [Read more...]

Gluten: What You Dont Know Might Kill You – YouTube

Gluten: What You Dont Know Might Kill You - YouTube. Dr. Hyman talks about gluten and how it may be killing you. How do you know if you have gluten sensitivity? Listen to Dr. Hyman to learn more and find more about gluten sensitivity. … [Read more...]

BMI is Old School, Waist to Height More Accurate

Waist to height ratio 'more accurate than BMI Science experts suggest that the waist should no more than be half the length of your height. Not having this proportion can actually shorten one's lifespan. Researchers also noted that this is even a better way of determining a person's life expectancy … [Read more...]

Eating Gluten Free

Eating Right With Celiac Disease Although Celiac disease is known to affect only a small percentage of Americans, it is still a must for everyone to at least understand what this disease can do to you or your loved ones. Celiac disease is a hereditary autoimmune sickness steaming from intolerance … [Read more...]

Add Fiber to Gluten Free Diet

Add fiber to your gluten-free diet Fiber is known to be an important part of one's diet. This article from delicious living talks about the importance of integrating fiber into your diet even when you belong to the Gluten intolerance group. The article explains the two types of fiber, and helps you … [Read more...]

New Weight Loss Aids from Nature’s Way

African Mango Extract The weight loss solution! The New Nature’s Way African Mango extract is standardized to the patented Irvingia gabonesis IGOB 131® to contain 7% albumins. This is the dose used in the clinical research that resulted in weight loss & waistline reduction*. Helps to … [Read more...]

Eating the Mediterranean Diet

Eating & Living the Mediterranean Way: Mediterranean diet is in the news over and over for its health benefits. It seems that at least once a week a new study comes out on the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. This article In discusses the diet  and how by … [Read more...]

Food Allergies and Restaurants

Food Allergy Laws for Restaurants Should be More Comprehensive This article at discusses how many states are lacking in awareness of restaurants to a variety of food allergies. Massachusetts was the first state to pass Food Allergy Awareness Act. However this act is very … [Read more...]

Added Sugars up to 13% of Adult Diet

Added Sugars Make Up 13 Percent Of U.S. Adults' Calorie Intake, Report Shows This article in the Huffington Post points out that 13 percent of our calories come from added sugars. Children have 16 percent of calories from sugar. Added sugars are nothing but empty calories with no nutritional … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet Helps Memory

Mediterranean Diet Helps Preserve Memory and Thinking Abilities Help not only your heart, but protect your brain on the Mediterranean diet. Medical News Today discusses how people who eat a Mediterranean diet have a 19% lower chance of developing difficulties with memory and thinking as they … [Read more...]

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