Eating in the Raw-My Experiment with the Raw Food Diet By John Montague

I went on the raw diet more or less out of desperation. Having had a case of Lyme disease that went undiagnosed for a long period of time, I was left with post Lyme syndrome. Most of my symptoms were very similar to fibromyalgia. I had a great deal of pain and hated climbing any steps. I stopped … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet Prescription

Your Mediterranean Prescription Suzanne Steinbaum, MD talks about the dangers of obesity and how this can be remedied using her mediterranean prescription. Perhaps you've already heard about what they call the Mediterranean diet. The most recent diet trend is in fact all over the news today as … [Read more...]

Mushrooms Help Weightloss

Mushrooms Substituted For Meat In Meals Aid Weight Loss This article in Medical News Today discusses replacement of meat in the diet by white button mushrooms. Those in the study that did replace meat with the mushrooms lost an additional 7 lbs. on average. I have found that mushrooms do make … [Read more...]

What is the Next Big Weight Loss Supplement?

Indian herb may whittle waistlines Caralluma fimbriata (Slimaluma) was used in this study to determine if it could be effective in losing weight. They found that those taking Slimaluma had a reduction in waste size of 2.6 inches as compared to 1 inches for the placebo group. After being talked … [Read more...]

Grapes Help Protect Organs in Metabolic Syndrome

Grapes Help Protect Organ Damage Caused By Metabolic Syndrome This article in Medical News Today is good news for wine drinkers. It seems that grapes help to protect your organs from metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is related to an increase in developing diabetes or cardiovascular … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Protein Intake

Nearly Half of Women Eat Protein to Lose Weight This article in Nutraceuticals World discusses the strategy employed by many women to lose weight. The elevated protein intake for many women was effective as the women who used it did lose more weight. The downside of eating more protein is that … [Read more...]

Mediterranean Diet in Older Adults

Older Adults Benefit From Mediterranean Diet's Health Effects This article in Medical News Today, discusses how the Mediterranean diet is helpful in keeping uric acid levels down in older adults. High levels of uric acid are associated with not only kidney disease and gout but also HBP, diabetes, … [Read more...]

Diet and Exercise to Lose Weight

Change Diet And Exercise Together For Best Results The above article from Medical News Today discusses new research from Stanford University showing that for optimal weight loss you should combine diet with exercise. Exercise is probably the best to do if you can only adjust your lifestyle for … [Read more...]

Obesity – What is the Cause?

What Really Makes Us Fat? This article in Medical News Today questions the hypothesis of why we are becoming obese. Gary Taubes think we may have a complete wrong understanding of obesity. Mr. Taubes says we need to know what causes us to gain weight not how to lose weight. Is the fact that … [Read more...]

Green Coffee Bean and Blood Sugar: More Than Just a Diet Pill

Green coffee bean compound may help control blood sugar: Study There may be more to green coffee bean that just a weight loss pill. While one study has found it effective in weight loss more information is showing that green coffee been may also be helpful in lowering blood sugar. Since blood … [Read more...]

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