Spirulina and Diabetics

Spirulina can better manage blood sugar in diabetes patients This article in NutraIngredients-USA brings some good news to diabetic patients. The dosage used was 2g of spirulina and after 2 months those taking spirulina had lower glucose and well as lower glycosylated hemoglobin when compared to … [Read more...]

Gossypin a Hibiscus Extract Shows Promise in Melanoma

Melanoma Succumbs To Natural Plant Substance Gossypin In Lab Tests Medical News Today shares this article on Gossypin. Gossypin is a flavone from the hibiscus plant. A new study show how helpful Gossypin can be in melanoma which is the most deadly skin cancer. It is good to see more natural … [Read more...]

Saw Palmetto Promotes Urinary and Sexual Health

Saw Palmetto Promotes Urinary and Sexual Health The most common cause of urinary problems and sexual dysfunctions in elderly men is Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).  Because this condition is so common, a recent study was conducted to test the benefits of the clinically researched product, … [Read more...]

Save 10% on Nature’s Answer! Coupon at End of Blog

Natures Answer…40 Years of Excellence Since 1972 From the age of 7 Frank D’Amelio Sr., CEO of Nature’s Answer had a powerful interest in the healing and restorative powers of plants. In 1972, after studying natural healing and taking courses on botany, herbal healing and chemistry, Frank … [Read more...]

Weight Loss and Green Tea

Green Tea for Weight Loss In addition to the many potential health benefits that can result from drinking green tea, recent research suggests that consuming green tea may help fight obesity. According to studies conducted by scientists at Penn State University, drinking lots of green tea can boost … [Read more...]

Coffee and Your Health

Coffee’s Potential Health Benefits for Women and Men Coffee has been a controversial topic in the field of health for years.  Questions exist as to the potential harm of drinking coffee in large quantities, and yet studies regularly surface exemplifying its specific health benefits.  In this … [Read more...]

Heart Healthy Lifestyle

Heart Healthy Lifestyle Every year over 1 million Americans suffer from a heart attack. People are becoming more aware of the serious nature of heart disease and the need to prevent it. There is a correlation between heart disease and education with those of a higher education level having a … [Read more...]

Insomnia and Natural Alternatives

Sleep is one of those things that is so very important to staying healthy. Some people seem to naturally have no problems with sleep but others seem to find a successful night’s sleep very difficult to achieve. Having insomnia myself I’ve tried most of the natural methods to improve my sleep. … [Read more...]

Prescription Pain Killers – What Do They Kill?

So what is more dangerous than cocaine and heroin combined? Prescription painkillers kill more people in one year than both cocaine and heroin combined. In fact more people overdose on prescription drugs than die from gunshot wounds. Emergency room visits doubled in a five year period of time from … [Read more...]

Are Herbal Supplements Safe?

I just read a book by a doctor I know in which he complained about the safety issues relating to herbal supplements.  It is interesting to me that everyone seems so concerned about the safety of herbs and dietary supplements.  However in 2009 the poison control center reported zero deaths due to … [Read more...]

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