Holistically Balanced Herbs

Holistically Balanced™  Process Mirrors Mother Nature (Part 2) View Part 1 Continued from  Ellen Kamhi RN PhD Holistically Balanced™ defines the philosophy of Nature’s Answer. For maximum health benefits herbal extracts should keep as many of the natural components found in the plant in the … [Read more...]

Nature’s Answer Standardized vs Holistic Balance

Nature’s Answer Tour Yesterday I went to visit the production facility for Nature’s Answer. The COO and Quality Officer Mark Gaeta gave me a complete tour. I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility. During the tour I really didn't see much other than the large stainless steel … [Read more...]

How Do You Spell Relief?

GREEN TEA !! Guest Blogger Jonathan Selzer PhD   It has long been understood that green tea provides a sense of relief. Now scientists are beginning to understand how. The catechin EGCG, the major polyphenol in green tea, helps to  inhibit the activity of an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. … [Read more...]

Bacopa and Memory

For years we have been using Bacopa to improve memory. A recent PubMed search for Bacopa monnieri and memory yielded 21 results. A recent study compared Bacopa monnieri with placebo in adults older than 55 years of age. The participants not receiving placebo received 300 mg a day of Bacopa monnieri … [Read more...]

Depression, St. John’s Wort and Saffron

Anyone who has suffered from depression knows how painful and disabling it can be. The constant drain on ones spirit seems to take the meaning out of life . Medication can be helpful but for some the side effects are difficult. The weight gain, sexual dysfunction, constipation, dry mouth, and so on … [Read more...]

Curcumin and Meriva Enhanced Absorption

One of the most popular products among our patients and customers is curcumin.  Patients are consistently asking us for it as it seems that their awareness has grown about curcumin and its anti-inflammatory properties and role in disease prevention. Curcumin is the same thing as turmeric, which … [Read more...]

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