Looking to Prevent Heart Attack and Sudden Death?

 OmegaQuant HS Omega-3 Index Test Kit This simple home test can give you essential information to: Reduce your risk of heart attack Reduce cancer risk Improve energy levels Improve inflammation Enhance health skin Protect vision This is a home test that you can do easily in your … [Read more...]

Pregnant Moms taking DHA Have Children with Fewer Colds

A recent study to be published in Pediatrics done at Emory University found that women taking 400 mg / day of DHA had children with fewer cold symptoms than the placebo group. Women who took DHA had infants that had nearly a 25% lower occurrence of colds during infancy. If the baby did develop a … [Read more...]

Test your Omega-3 Index at Home

We like using the OmegaQuant HS Omega-3 Index Test Kit to determine omega-3 status for our patients. The test is done by  OmegaQuant  a CLIA-certified, reference laboratory that specializes in measuring essential fatty acids, concentrating specifically on EPA and DHA.  OmegaQuant's uses a special … [Read more...]

Omega-3 and Fish Oil In Breast Cancer

Good news for women taking omega-3 and fish oils. Recent studies showed that women taking omega 3 may lower their risk of breast cancer. Fish Oil and Breast Cancer The first study published last year by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center looked at over 35,000 women that were … [Read more...]

Krill Oil Alternative Omega-3 Source

Krill are small shrimp-like creatures found in all oceans of the world. Being small,  krill are close to bottom of the food chain where they feed on plankton. They are one of the most important sources of nutrition for marine animals such as whales, seals, birds, and squid. Krill oil is not only a … [Read more...]

Sesame Oil Boosts the Effectiveness of Diabetes Medications

Sesame Oil Boosts the Effectiveness of Diabetes Medications Type 2 diabetes, in addition to being difficult to manage, is linked with many additional health complications.  While medication provides a reasonable system for managing the disease, researchers are working to find ways to increase its … [Read more...]

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