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People nowadays live in a busy world. Everything is in a fast forward motion; we barely even notice that time passes us by quickly that even eating the right meal is often taken for granted. We should bear in mind that eating the right kind of foods is very essential for us get the needed vitamins … [Read more...]

Organic Apples Protect Kids from Harmful Pesticides

Organic Apples Protect Kids from Harmful Pesticides Number one on the “Dirty Dozen” list, apples are tainted by pesticides which new studies confirm are particularly harmful to children.  Because apples are the most commonly consumed fruit for children in the U.S., they should be the first … [Read more...]

Stop Pink Slime

No one wants to eat pink slime. Pink slime is the name for the left over beef products treated with ammonia. This Article in the San Francisco Chronicle details the stores that sell hamburger with pink slime and those stores that do not use it. For more information on pink slime watch Jamie … [Read more...]

Chocolate and Type 2 Diabetes

Dark Chocolate May Have Health Benefits for those with Type 2 Diabetes Good news for dark chocolate lovers:  Recent studies (published in Diabetic Medicine) have shown that consuming 45g of dark chocolate per day can yield positive results for those with type 2 diabetes.   While sugar intake is … [Read more...]

FDA Nuts? At Least About Walnuts.

Reading the latest issue of Life Extension Magazine the other day, I found this article on the FDA’s findings that Diamond Foods, Inc., in displaying scientific data on their website had violated FDA rules. It is fascinating that the FDA classified the Diamond Foods, Inc. walnuts as drugs due to the … [Read more...]

Tasty Gluten Free Alternative to Nuts! Low Fat!

Good Bean is good for you.  Low fat, gluten free, non-gmo, all natural and high fiber in one tasty little package. The Good Bean was founded by Sarah Wallace after a diagnosis of diabetes and she wanted to cut out refined carbs and gluten. Sarah roasted chick peas and then coated them a variety … [Read more...]

Organic Greens and Reds, Enhance Your Health

Are you getting your 7 daily servings of fruits and vegetables? If not you aren’t alone as it can be hard to with today’s active lifestyle. Fruits and vegetables are extremely important for us as they do contain many essential micronutrients such as 13 vitamins and 17 minerals. However green and … [Read more...]

USA Not Number 1?

When I was young my school had a great wrestling team. At the wrestling meets we’d chant over and over “we’re number 1”. We were number one in the state and we were proud of it. USA Ranked 37th Most of the people I talk to are very happy with our health care system. A lot of them believe that we … [Read more...]

GMO Alfalfa Threat to Organic Food

The recent ruling by the USDA to allow genetically engineered alfalfa has created a big buzz in the organic food industry.  There is great concern over the impact the genetically modified alfalfa will have on organic farming. The alfalfa has been modified to be resistant to the herbicide Roundup … [Read more...]

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