Pets Get Sick Too

Top 10 Medical Conditions that Prompt a Visit to the Vet At WebVitamins, we all love our dogs and cats. At work, we not only follow the lives of each other but we follow the lives of each other's pets. Pets are such an important part of all our lives. The above article discusses the conditions … [Read more...]

Is Your Dog Overweight? You May be Also

Overweight Owners Lead Pets to Obesity Richard French, DVM, MS, PhD, Dean of Animal Studies and Allerton Chair of Animal Health Sciences at Becker College believes that the pet owner's health and well being could also reflect on that of their pets. He urges pet owners to lead a healthy lifestyle … [Read more...]

Pet Mussel Power

Green Lipped Mussel Background: Perna Canaliculus, the Green Lipped Mussel, is produced commercially in pristine waters off the New Zealand coast. It is a nutritional whole food the possesses an exceptional degree of biological activity. This edible bivalve has been a valuable food source for the … [Read more...]

West Paw Design, Environmentally Friendly Green Pet Products

West Paw – Pamper Your Dog with Eco-Friendly Products West Paw Design not only makes eco-friendly product but their products are also made in the United States in Bozeman, MT. We love the Nature Nap pet beds that incorporate recycled and recyclable materials. Not only do we love them but our … [Read more...]

What is the Number 1 Vet Brand for Joint Health?

Cosequin is the Number 1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand. Glucosamine is as important to your pet’s health as it is to your health. However getting your pet to take their pills can be a big struggle. Cosequin the #1 veterinarian brand is now available in soft chews which make it easy for your dog to … [Read more...]

Sally and Her Recovery from Heart Failure

Sally is our oldest dog. Someone drove to a mall, put Sally inside and drove away. Sally was given her name at the veterinarian’s office she was taken to after the incident where they called her Sally Shopper. One day my wife Carrie went to the vet with our dog Charlie for a standard visit. We … [Read more...]

Earth Friendly and Dog Friendly?

On one of my too frequent trips to the pet store, some great pet products caught my attention. In my search for a pet bed that was easily washable, I came across a West Paw Design Nature Nap Pet Bed that boasted the use of recycled materials for construction. The bed looked very well made and was … [Read more...]

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