Tea protect your arteries

Flavonols may slash risk of vascular disease for women This article in NutraIngredients-USA discusses how tea flavonols and other flavonols can help reduce death from atherosclerosis by up to 72%. One specific flavonol in teas was associated with up to a 59% reduced risk of mortality from … [Read more...]

Matcha – the King of Green Teas

Years ago I attended a seminar on matcha tea and was fascinated by the complex and painstaking steps used in the growing and processing of the tea leaves. Matcha tea has a beautiful rich green color. This color comes from matcha's unique growing and harvesting process which concentrates … [Read more...]

Organic India Tulsi Tea

I think it is much more beneficial to take herbs in their tea form rather than taking them in a pill. I believe that your body needs to taste what you are getting in order to use it properly. It really makes it easy when the tea taste great as some herbs have a pretty bad flavor. This is why I love … [Read more...]

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