Vitamin D Helpful in African Americans Blood Pressure

Vitamin D research is always new and changing. It seems that more and more research is showing how effective Vitamin D is in helping a wide range of diseases. Vitamin D May Lower Blood Pressure in African Americans Most people are aware of the higher rate of high blood pressure in African … [Read more...]

Obese Teens and Vitamin D Levels

Recent Study Finds High-Dose Vitamin D to be Effective for Obese Teens Last year, after conducting in depth studies on vitamin D intake, the Institute of Medicine increased the recommended Vitamin D daily intake levels.  Following this increase, the University of Missouri conducted a study in … [Read more...]

Vitamin D, Ethnicity and High Blood Pressure

It is well known that African Americans as an average have higher blood pressure than Caucasians. A recent study may help explain the disparity. Dr. Fiscella using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) found that there is a relationship to blood pressure and serum … [Read more...]

Promote Bone Density with Bone-Up

People often ask what they should take for bone health. My usual answer is Jarrow Fomulas Bone-Up. We like this product for a number of reasons. We have found that is does promote bone density in our patients and they are very happy with it. Bone-Up contains microcrystalline hydroxyapatite from … [Read more...]

Vitamin D and Your Health

Reading the most recent issue of Life Extension magazine I was struck by not one, but three articles on the benefits of vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the truly hot topics in nutrition these days. The first article comes from the journal Anticancer Research which reported on a study that … [Read more...]

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