Diet Soda Bad News for Your Heart

Drinking diet soda linked to heart disease   For years people have been drinking diet soda thinking they are helping the body losing weight and indirectly improving their health. However, according to this recent research, older women who drink two diet sodas daily have a 30% greater risk … [Read more...]

Early Light = Lower BMI

Medical News Today: Sun-filled mornings may help us control our waistlines, say researchers Losing weight might be easier if you spend your mornings in the sun. The earlier the exposure to this light the better the persons BMI (Body Mass Index). Later exposure to light into the day lead to a … [Read more...]

Don’t Exercise on Empty Stomach

Protein followed by exercise is recipe for calorie-burning success in some women This study in Science Daily found that you should not exercise on an empty stomach. If you want to lose weight successfully than a protein meal beforehand is more effective than not eating. We feel that the protein … [Read more...]

Ani Phyo on Raw Food Detox

▶ ANI PHYO - RAW FOOD DETOX When I detox I like to use the Raw Diet. I love the way I feel and how clear it makes me. Ani Phyo’s books were a great help in cooking and making the Raw Diet tasty and healthy. Below is a short into video to her Raw Food Detox. Enjoy!   … [Read more...]

Clean Up Your Diet with This Infographic

Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually. … [Read more...]

Learn about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet

Learn about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet - FOX Q13 - YouTube.   … [Read more...]

Dr. Weil on Restrictive Diets

What Foods Should You Lose? In this article, Dr. Weil discusses restrictive diets. He discusses gluten-free, soy free, and fat-free food and the advantage of disadvantage of each. Dr. Weil discusses celiac disease and how those that suffer from it must avoid all gluten. Dr. Weil also discusses … [Read more...]

Dr. Fuhrman on Ditch Your Diet

  Dr. Joel Fuhrman Says Ditch Your Diet For Long Term Weight Loss: Dr. Oz Show Today I saw Dr. Fuhrman on Dr. Oz the other day. Some of what he says makes a lot of sense. Most diets today are designed for long-term failure, as it is frequently impossible to stay healthy and eat the same … [Read more...]

How to Make Tuscan Kale Salad – True Food Kitchen Recipe

How to Make Tuscan Kale Salad - True Food Kitchen Recipe - YouTube   … [Read more...]

This Diet Plan Really Hurt

TV pitchman Kevin Trudeau sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for bilking customers The title of the book was The Weight Loss Cure "They" Don't Want You to Know About and Mr. Trudeau went to prison not because he was promoting a diet that is over 50 years old. His prison sentence was due the … [Read more...]

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