Certain Forms of Vitamin E Better for Heart Health

Certain Forms of Vitamin E are More Effective for Heart Health

Gamma and alpha forms of tocotrienol have been determined to be the most effective for protecting heart functions while the delta form has been proven to be ineffective.  This has recently been reaffirmed by the researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. 

The Study

Researchers fed rabbits diets that were high in cholesterol for 60 days while giving them supplements of individual tocotrienols, i.e., alpha, gamma and delta, during the last 30 days of the study.  At the conclusion of the study, the levels of blood cholesterol that were found in the group that received the gamma-tocotrienol supplements were 50% lower than the control group, and the group that received alpha-tocotrienol was 39% lower.  However, no significant reduction in blood cholesterol levels was apparent in the group that received the delta-tocotrienol supplements.

In a subsequent study, researchers found that only gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol had the ability to significantly improve cardiac functionDelta-tocotrienol did not show the same results and was found to be ineffective for improving cardiac function. Aditionally, both gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol demonstrated effectiveness in reducing the heart’s cholesterol-related proteins but delta-tocotrienol had no effect on this.

The Different Roles of Different Forms of Vitamin E

Tocotrienols have different roles when it comes to health, and for heart health specifically, gamma- and alpha-tocotrienol are effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels and protecting the heart from further damage following a heart attack.  In this particular area, delta-tocotrienol is not nearly as effective.



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  1. hello jmontague,

    I agree vitamin e is very good for the heart. but it also has so many other benefits, I use it to help cuts heal or virtually any skin condition it’s many uses are probably mostly unknown..nice informative article..

  2. I read somewhere that tocotrienols is a good anti-oxidant vitamins. Is this the same as what you have explained here?

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