Chocolate Diet Bar and Low Carb That’s ChocoPerfection

Chocolate contains a variety of healthy flavonoids with heart healthy benefits and has been found to be supportive of healthy blood pressure levels. Other research find that chocolate is also supportive of healthy blood lipids.

ChocoPerfection Low Carb Alternative

However normal chocolate usually has a great deal of sugar which makes it hard for those on low carbohydrate diets. ChocoPerfection however is a different story when it comes to chocolate. ChocoPerfection is naturally sugar free and has only 2g of net carbs. It is sweetened with 14g of prebiotic fiber which helps to reduce sugar cravings. ChocoPerfection with its high levels of prebiotic fiber fosters growth of healthy bacteria in your colon. It is also gluten free so can be used on a gluten free diet. ChocoPerfection uses stearic acid fats from the cocoa plant which are helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol. However for those with nut allergies it may contain traces of peanuts.

Now comes the best part of ChocoPerfection is that it can be used in a candida cleansing or low carb weight loss program. It is recommended in a number of books such as Belly Fat Cure, Get the Sugar Out, and 21 Life Lessons. On the ChocoPerfection website they have a suggested candida cleansing diet. ChocoPerfection may also be used by diabetics because of its low carbohydrate content. If you are looking for low carb deserts that can be made with ChocoPerfection their website has a few low carb desert options.

WebVitamins carries 4 flavors of ChocoPerfection including Dark Almond, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Raspberry Dark Chocolate.

Our customer service representatives are some of our biggest buyers of ChocoPerfection. We recently passed a bar of the dark around for everyone to try including warehouse personnel and the overwhelming conclusion was that the bar was delicious. The Dark Chocolate bar has 60% cocoa and most at WebVitamins prefer the dark over the milk chocolate for having the best flavor.

We want you to be able to try it for yourself so we are going to feature it at 20% off till end of August 2011.

ChocoPerfection Save 20%

Use Coupon Code: CHO20P

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  1. I love the milk chocolate. I even shared this with my friends and they loved it too.

  2. I got intrigued with this ChocoPerfection. Will have to try soon. I usually go for chocolate bars when I’m on my gym and diet mode.

  3. We do have a family history of diabetes so I am very careful about my diet. Chocoperfection allows me to enjoy my chocolates and stay worry-free!

  4. Eating healthy does not mean stop eating the foods you love, just eat in moderation and look for healthy alternatives when you shop.

  5. I am not really into sweets but I like this. Tastes great!

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