Coffee and Your Health

Coffee’s Potential Health Benefits for Women and Men

Coffee has been a controversial topic in the field of health for years.  Questions exist as to the potential harm of drinking coffee in large quantities, and yet studies regularly surface exemplifying its specific health benefits.  In this case, certain areas of men’s and women’s health were studied in conjunction with the consumption of coffee, and some positive results were discovered.

Health Benefits for Women

For women, the caffeine found in coffee has been linked to a decreased risk for depression, according to recent studies.  While this connection is also relevant for men, twice as many women as men suffer from depression, making it a significant women’s health issue.  The research on this subject suggested that the risk of developing depression was reduced in proportion to the amount of coffee consumed.  Those who consumed the most caffeinated coffee, at 550 mg or more per day, had a 20 percent decrease in the risk of depression.  These findings did not correspond to the consumption of decaffeinated coffee.  

While this research is encouraging, further research would be necessary to verify these benefits, and also to determine if caffeinated coffee can help to relieve symptoms of depression, or if it only has the capacity to be a preventative measure. 

Health Benefits for Men

Prostate health is the area of men’s health that has been studied for potential benefits from coffee consumption.  Prostate cancer is the most common cancer, and a leading cause of death in men.  A recent study indicated that drinking six or more cups of coffee per day may help to reduce the risk of severe prostate cancer by up to 60 percent, and drinking one to three cups per day may reduce the risk by up to 30 percent compared to men who do not drink coffee.  The research suggested that it did not matter whether the coffee being consumed was caffeinated or decaffeinated. 

While more research is necessary to verify these results, not much is known about preventing risk factors for prostate cancer, so this research could be a significant contribution to men’s health.

For prostate cancer, it is the antioxidants found in coffee that seem to provide the health benefits.  In addition to the antioxidants, a link has been found between drinking coffee and insulin levels, making it a potential ally for those with type 2 diabetes.  Insulin also has an impact on several types of cancer, including prostate cancer, so this may be another potential health benefit. 

Potential Health Benefits Associated with Drinking Coffee:

  • May reduce risk of depression
  • May reduce risk of prostate cancer
  • May help to regulate insulin levels for those with type 2 diabetes
  • May reduce risk for Parkinson disease
  • May reduce risk for liver cancer

For both men and women, the studies suggest that coffee can be used to help prevent certain health problems, and if you think you may be at risk for depression or prostate cancer, drinking coffee may be a way to help safeguard your health. 


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