CoQ10 and Statin Drugs

While teaching an adult education class on health the other day we talked about the use of CoQ10. We talked about the need of CoQ10 supplementation during statin therapy.

For example, a study revealed that taking 80 mg a day of atorvastatin for 30 days lowered CoQ10 levels by 52%. While the study recommends addition of CoQ10 to patients taken statins it seems that this message hasn’t trickled down to the everyday practitioner.

It is thought that statins inhibit CoQ10 synthesis. This may result in muscle pain and discomfort, fatigue, and myoglobin-urea during statin therapy. Just recently a friend told me they asked their cardiologist if they should take CoQ10. The doctor related he is currently taking CoQ10 to relieve his muscle pain and that he found the coQ10 very successful. The irony is that he prescribed them statins but didn’t make mention of CoQ10.

We recommend in our chiropractic practice that everyone on statins take CoQ10 as a preventative measure. We also recommend that people using red rice yeast, since it has statin constituents, also take CoQ10 daily. Usually I recommend at least 60 mg per day of Ubiquinol as it is one of the better absorbed CoQ10’s.

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  1. [...] Co-Q10 has been used with some success in congestive heart failure. It is also very helpful in reducing the side effects of statin drugs. However this recent study in the German Journal IUBMB found that Co-Q10 could also lower LDL (the bad cholesterol) in healthy male subjects. [...]

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