Depression and diet

Total antioxidant capacity of diet and serum, dietary antioxidant vitamins intake, and serum hs-CRP levels in relation to depression scales in university male students.


There is nothing much worse than depression. It is thought that there may be a relationship between oxidative stress and inflammation in cases of depression. The start he tries to get to the bottom of that question. By taking a look at depression and the total antioxidant capacity of serum, as well as C reactive protein which measures inflammation, the researchers tried to determine any relationship between depression, antioxidants, and inflammation.

What stood out in the study was that those with depression at lower levels of sermon antioxidants. They also consumed less fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, vitamin C, beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. It’s also worth noting that there wasn’t a significant difference in the inflammatory marker of C reactive protein.

It is very important to realize that diet is related to depression. A healthier diet that included antioxidants, was related to a decrease in depression in young adult males. While the study looked at antioxidants, you can see that the foods also contained fiber and healthy fats.

Our diet is not only related to our well-being but also to our emotional health. Eating well is an important activity to staying healthy both physically and emotionally.

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