Dietary Supplements Help Carpel Tunnel

Clinical usefulness of oral supplementation with alpha-lipoic Acid, curcumin phytosome, and B-group vitamins in patients with carpal tunnel syndrome undergoing surgical treatment.

This study looked at the use of the nutritional supplements alpha look like acid, curcumin, and vitamin B in the use of helping patients recover from carpal tunnel surgery. Those it took the combination did significantly better recovering than those that did not take it or only took it before the surgery.

There is a great deal of room for alternative medicine combined with standard medicine. However much of the mainstream is resistant to any changes. My father-in-law was given three months to live with stage IV colon cancer. We combined alternative with his standard therapy in his surgeon was amazed and asked what we did. However, the oncologist who was surprised just said keep doing what you are doing but did not inquire as to what he was doing.

You might think the curiosity would have gotten the better of him. Nevertheless, unfortunately for us all, it seems that medicine has a mindset that only toxic chemicals can help us. Let us hope of coming generations of doctors are more open-minded. Our future depends on it.

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