Dieting While Eating Out

The average American spends $812 eating out a year and over $2000 per household. Back in 1955 25% of every food dollar was spent in restaurants while today it is almost 50% of ever food dollar. Since 1955 the percentage of overweight individual has doubled from 30% to 60% in 2000.

Fast food restaurants have moved to larger version of hamburgers, fries and drinks. The average fast food hamburger’s size in 1957 was 1 ounce and had 210 calories. In 2002 it was 6 ounces and had 618 calories. Popcorn in 1957 was 3 cups and had 170 calories where as in 2002 it was 16 cups and 900 calories. The average 20oz soft drink has 250 calories. I know back in my home town some of the most popular restaurants are buffets.

It is important to adopt a strategy even before going to a restaurant. It is always a good idea to research the menus online for chain restaurants.  You can usually find the dishes to avoid and those with lowest calories.

Some strategies to keep calories lower:

  • Remove half your portion
  • Share entrée
  • Order only appetizer
  • Fill up on lower-calorie item before dinner
  • Eat larger meals at home so you aren’t as hungry
  • Get dressing on side. Use sparingly.
  • Forgo mayonnaise on sandwich
  • Eat slowly
  • Chew each bite 50 times
  • Put down fork between bites

Look for these terms on menu for lower calories:

  • Baked
  • Braised
  • Broiled
  • Caramelized
  • Cooked in own juices
  • Poached
  • Roasted
  • Steamed
  • Stir-fried

Avoid these high fat items:

  • Alfredo
  • Au Gratin
  • Bearnaise
  • Breaded
  • Creamed
  • Crispy
  • Fried
  • Prime
  • Rich
  • Scalloped

Eating out doesn’t have to be a disaster to your diet if you are careful and plan accordingly beforehand.


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  1. There are times that I would want to Google the stuff we order in foreign restaurants just so I know what food I’m gonna buy and how it’s gonna be cooked. Thanks for the list! I’ll share this with my folks once they go online!

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