Do you have a meditation practice?

Who says that meditation has to be hard? You always hear that it’s good for you, people say the real lacks is you takes away the stress. Have you started yet?

 This recent article published in Medical News Today, discusses a study in Psychological Science. In this article they found that people had trouble cutting losses, they stayed in bad relationships, bad stocks, and other behavior.

 The scientists describe this as “sunk-cost bias” which means throwing good money after bad. Those that did practice mindfulness meditation had resistance to sunk – cost bias.

 Meditation – not just a spiritual practice

 Back when I was in college people talked about Transcendental Meditation. It seemed like it was just a fad and people spent a lot of money for a simple mantra. At that point in time I thought it was foolish.

 However I saw Dr. Charles Stroebel, speak about The Quieting Reflex. The simple method, which was published in 1982 found a scientific basis for relaxation and meditation. Meditation wasn’t simply a spiritual practice, it was a way of improving your health and emotional state.

 An article from MIT titled The Benefits of Meditation talks about how meditation helps us control brain waves called Alpha rhythms. By training are Alpha rhythms we are able to minimize distractions and make us focus better. People who meditate also experience less stress. Pain patients are also able to minimize their pain through meditation.

 The American Heart Association tells us that the just a few minutes of relaxation every day and meditation could reduce our risks of cardiovascular disease. Stress takes a lot out of our body. We weren’t meant to experience light or flight mechanisms every day unless we had to run and save our lives. However the same adrenaline that we experienced when we had to run and save our lives also flows through our body when we experience emotional stress. This takes a toll on our cardiovascular system and increases our risk of heart attack and stroke.

 Meditation – not that hard

 Meditation today does not have to be complex. We don’t have to find a yogi to give us a specific mantra. What it really comes down to is shutting our mind down for a specific period of time.

 Some people turn to their spiritual practices to meditate using a rosary or prayer beads. Some will find the mantra a part of their practice. It is important to find a practice that works for you.

 I personally like to keep it simple and find a deep breathing is very effective. I personally have found the site a great resource for breathing and meditation. Much of what I try to teach is a breath of six seconds in and six seconds out as a start to meditation.

 However there are other meditative practices that are equally effective. Moving meditation is a great practice; many people find tai chi and yoga to be helpful. For others it is a simple walk in the woods.

 Meditation – make it a part of your day

 However you practice meditation, you should make it a part of your everyday practice. The stress of our society continues to evoke deep emotional and physical responses. Meditation as a practice helps us to deal with day-to-day stress and live our lives fully. If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

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