Sally and Her Recovery from Heart Failure

Sally Doing Stick em Up

Sally is our oldest dog. Someone drove to a mall, put Sally inside and drove away. Sally was given her name at the veterinarian’s office she was taken to after the incident where they called her Sally Shopper.

One day my wife Carrie went to the vet with our dog Charlie for a standard visit. We had just lost Sara our German Shepard about one month earlier. Sally ran up to Carrie and Charlie to say hi. Carrie asked the receptionist at the vet’s office who the dog belong to thinking it was one of the helps dogs. The vet’s wife said, “That is Sally and she’s your dog.” They knew we would be a good home and that is how we ended up with Sally.

Sally appreciates her second chance at life and seems to be grateful and happy every moment of her life. We’ve been blessed to have her as a companion. We’ve had her for nearly 13 years.

In 2010 Sally started to cough frequently and we took her to the vet to see what was wrong with her. We learned Sally had multiple health problems. She was about 14 (Not sure of her exact age due to being abandoned) at the time and they diagnosed her with heart failure, collapsed trachea, and Cushing’s disease. She was put on medication for her heart problems and we were told not to expect her to live much past the end of summer.

We started Sally not only on her medications at the time but also on a vitamin protocol consisting of herbal pet heart formulas, CoQ10, carnitine, and PQQ. After a couple of weeks we cut her prescription medications down to half and then eliminated one of the three that didn’t seem to agree with her. Here it is the end of the summer a year later in 2011 and Sally is still with us.

However, the other day Sally didn’t want to eat in the morning. For Sally that is serious because she loves food more than anything. We made sure to get her into the vet later that day. He examined Sally and told us that there was no change in her heart enlargement. He did diagnose her with a gut infection and put her on antibiotics. They did a blood test and the next day we were given the results and our vet said, “Her blood tests are remarkably normal for a dog her age.” He didn’t say anything else but I think he was very surprised.

One day of antibiotics and Sally’s appetite was back to normal and she was back to her old self. It was a quick recovery for a dog of about 15 years of age.

How many humans could be helped if we were to embrace more alternative options for treatment? I know an alternative doctor who had a family member put their loved one on CoQ10 while he was in hospice for heart failure. In a couple of weeks he was able to go home feeling much better.

Keep in mind that there are alternatives that can complement medical care; however you are going to be largely on your own in your care as most doctors are not going to help and many are going to be downright hostile in the use of alternative care.




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  1. Wow! Good thing you tried giving Sally alternative medications. If only doctors can be more broadminded in accepting that alternative medicine can also help in curing certain diseases.

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