Don’t Drink and Take Tylenol if You Value Your Kidneys

Tylenol and Alcohol a Bad Mix, Study Suggests

If you value your kidneys don’t mix Tylenol or acetaminophen with alcohol. It has been known that acetaminophen can cause kidney damage and it is known that alcohol can cause kidney damage. But when combined together that risk is increased greatly. In fact the combination even with small amounts of alcohol increases the risk of kidney disease by 123%. Of the people in the study the people who regularly combined alcohol and acetaminophen had nearly 500% who reported kidney dysfunction.

Alcohol blocks the body’s ability to process acetaminophen which may explain the reason for the kidney damage. If you take acetaminophen daily then you need to abstain from alcohol.

May we suggest that you try some natural curcumin for inflammation control such as Meriva.


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