Earth Friendly and Dog Friendly?

On one of my too frequent trips to the pet store, some great pet products caught my attention. In my search for a pet bed that was easily washable, I came across a West Paw Design Nature Nap Pet Bed that boasted the use of recycled materials for construction. The bed looked very well made and was simple and attractive. I figured hey, why not be earth friendly and dog friendly at the same time? Since then I have bought several of the Nature Nap beds and my dog clearly appreciates my efforts. It is really easy to throw in the wash and is quite durable. It doesn’t have an overabundance of stuffing in it, as some other pet beds do,  making them impossible to save if an accident were to occur.

During my trip I also noticed some eye catching toys,  also by West Paw Design. They are all incredibly bright, which comes in handy since so many toys are so easily buried in my grassy back yard. Also, they are made of a soft pliable material that is fully recyclable. They also came with a satisfaction guarantee and a free 1 time replacement. Actually, The Bumi dog toy caught my attention first since my dog loves to tug and I try to avoid giving her tug toys made of materials that can be abrasive to the teeth. This toy is A LOT of fun! Dogs seem to enjoy frolicking with it while flipping it around their face making it entertaining to both dogs and humans. My dog would play tug with it all day if she could and she loves to play fetch with it whenever I am able to get it away from her. I do however have to warn that when throwing it near tall trees it is best to be very leery of chucking it into the branches. I once had several Bumi’s stuck in my tree for a couple weeks. They have the propensity to grab onto tree branches given their “Z” like shape, and hang onto the branches for dear life once up there.

Dog lovers should definitely check out the West Paw Design brand and try out some of their toys and beds. Let us know if you love them as much as I do!

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  1. I haven’t seen a product of West Paw but because of your review, I would try to look for it. Perfect timing since I’m thinking of a good gift for my friend who loves here dog dearly.

  2. My dog would probably like this nature nap pet bed. Better see where this is available.

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