Effective Treatment for Musculoskeletal Disorders

Study demonstrates homeopathic Traumeel® as effective treatment option for musculoskeletal disorders


Traumeel® is a topical pain medication that is made up of 12 natural ingredients (out of 14 actives). A recent study showed that this topical pain medication is just about as effective as a current standard therapy, 1% diclofenac gel when it comes to reducing pain and improving mobility in adults with ankle sprain injuries. Polina Karmazin, MD, Integrated Family Medicine, Voorhees, NJ says that Diclofenac gel is a current ‘gold standard’ therapy for ankle sprains and other types of musculoskeletal pain, but it can impose some serious side effects like gastrointestinal bleeding and increased cardiovascular disease risks. Karmazin mentions that the findings of the study may benefit people with sprained ankles as Traumeel® is just as effective but offers rare side effects.


Read more here: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/265546.php

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