FirstLineTherapy The Right Diet for You and Your Health

The weight control program we use is the FirstLineTherapy program. This program uses the Mediterranean diet with along with Medical Food.

Life Style Change

People need not only a diet but a life style change. We need to learn to eat differently and it isn’t easy to change eating habits. People literally are eating themselves to death with processed foods and unhealthy sugars. If you learn the correct habits while eating and losing weight over time you’ll get used to a natural and healthy diet. At that point it is so much easier to keep the weight off and not gain back what you’ve already lost.

Using the FirstLineTherapy Diet helps you to change your eating patterns by eating “healthy.” We sometimes hear patients who have been on the program say “I went to eat fast food the other day and couldn’t stand the taste of it.” Eating a new and healthy diet over time creates a life style change.

Medical Foods

We use Medical Foods with FirstLineTherapy and the rest of our diets. Our favorite Medical Foods come from Metagenics. They offer different flavors and also support for a variety of health conditions.

The medical foods give your muscles and body the nutrition you need during your dietary program so you lose weight from fat and not muscle tissue. This makes for healthy weight loss.

Modified Mediterranean Diet

FirstLineTherapy makes use of a modified Mediterranean Diet. The FirstLineTherapy Diet eliminates food with a high glycemic index to keep down food cravings. The Therapeutic Lifestyle Program book is a great way to start learning and get on the diet. Combine that with a good Medical Food and you are well on your way to good health.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We love helping people diet in a healthy and wholesome manner.

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  1. Changing lifestyle especially when it comes to food is really hard for me. I hope I can try this diet. I’d really like to have a healthy diet.

  2. I tried cutting down food intake than normal but still feel hungry…does this diet helps?


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