Fish Oil and Diet in Prostate Cancer

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Fish oil, low-fat diet may stymie prostate cancer

A study was conducted about men who suplement on fish oil combined with low-fat diet and it was led by author William Aronson, a clinical professor of urology at UCLA and chief of urologic oncology at the West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Medical Center. It presented that men with prostate cancer who ate a low-fat diet and took fish oil had lower levels of pro-inflammatory substances in their blood than men who ate a regular Western diet. He also added that the findings were very significant since decreasing the cell cycle progression (CCP) score may help stop prostate cancers from turning more aggressive.

It has also been found that men on the low-fat fish oil diet had decreased blood levels of pro-inflammatory ingredients that have been connected with cancer.”

There was also a short-term study in 2011 that men who consumed  low-fat fish oil diet were able to change the composition of their cell membranes in healthy cells and the cancer cells in the prostate.

Aronson also commented that they had amplified levels of omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil and reduced levels of the more pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids from corn oil in the cell membranes, which may directly affect the biology of the cells. He then concluded that in the case of prostate cancer, ” you really are what you eat,”


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