Fish Oil and Your Health

Fish Oil for Health

For a long time now, doctors have said that one of the best things that you can eat is fish. Many different kinds of fish contain omega-3 in it, which both doctors and scientists have said that fish oil that contains omega-3 is a good thing for you to take in order for your body to function at its best. Fish oil has many benefits that can help certain parts of the body. You may not know just what the omega-3 in fish oil can do for you, but when you do, you will be rushing to that drug store to pick up a bottle or you will be going to the grocery store to look for fish that contains it. Here is more information on why you need to take fish oil for your overall health.

The types of fish with the most fish oil: Not every fish has the omega-3 oil in it, but there are some species that have a lot of it. Some of the best fish that has the oil in it is sardines, mackerel, herring, oysters, albacore tuna, blue fin tuna, salmon, and anchovies. Eating any one of these fish a few times a week will give you a lot of omega-3 oil.

A healthy heart: The American Heart Association, also known as the AHA, has said that people who have a lot of fish in their diet are protecting their hearts from cardiovascular disease. The omega-3 is going to greatly reduce your risk of a heart attack. The fish oil lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the bad, and raises the level of good cholesterol in the body.  However, the AHA, is still researching all the ways that the omega-3 can do for the heart, and will release more information as they discover it.

A great boost to the immune system: Without the immune system, the body would constantly be flooded with bacteria, germs, and other microorganisms that can make you get things like colds and other infections. People who eat a lot of fish are actually doing something very good for their immune system. One of the worst ailments out there is the flu, and every year millions of people suffer from it. However, by adding more fish oil to the diet, the immune system will get stronger, which is going to help when the next flu season rolls around.

Help with arthritis: Millions of people suffer from a crippling condition known as arthritis. With arthritis, people can have a hard time moving around because their major joints become painfully swollen. Many older people, who are starting to show the signs of arthritis, are beginning to incorporate more fish oil into their diets because the omega-3 contains elements in it that serve as a natural anti-inflammatory to the body.  People who eat fish at least two to three times a week are finding out that they can move a lot easier now, and have a lot less joint swelling and arthritis symptoms thanks to the omega-3.

Help with digestive problems: People who take vitamins need their digestive system because it takes all the pills they take, breaks them down, and then they get absorbed into the body. However, for people who have certain conditions, absorption of certain things is not easy because they suffer from Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. With these two conditions, the body has a problem with the digestive tract, which makes absorption of anything difficult. Not only will the omega-3 help them absorb nutrients better, but the anti-inflammatory properties in the fish oil will help their intestines become less inflamed and irritated.

Helps with depression and anxiety: There are many people in the world who suffer from all kinds of mental disorders. Omega-3 has been shown to help with such mental issues as depression, and anxiety.  People who eat fish oil have been studied, and the results have been that these people are able to cope with certain things, and have a much more healthier outlook on things than people who do not take omega-3 or have a lot of fish in their diet.

Helps with mental function: Omega-3 has also been shown to be a good way to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. The nutrients in the fish oil have been shown to improve mental functions of older people. Right now, omega-3 is still being studied as an effective treatment for Alzheimer’s and other mental disorders such as senility and dementia.

There is a lot of fish in the world, and making it part of your daily diet can do a lot of good for your overall body. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, and these fatty acids have been shown to help with the heart, the brain, the digestion, and mental issues. People can eat fish as little as three times a week, and really improve their overall health thanks to the omega-3 that is in the fish oil.

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