Food industry starting to dump artificial ingredients


Good news! Food manufacturers are starting to dump synthetic ingredients such as Blue Number 1,BHT, and other synthetic ingredients such as artificial colors and sweeteners to natural ones.

What is great about this is that consumers are becoming interested in reading food labels. In the last year it increased by 15%, however only 25% of consumers are checking food labels for artificial colors and ingredients.

M&M’s last year received approval from the FDA to use an extract from blue-green algae to color the blue M&M’s. Others are using Merrick for natural yellow and monk fruit and Rosemary as a preservative and sweetener. We are also seeing greater use of Stevia as opposed to aspartame.

To me this is a mixture of both good and bad news. While I think it is excellent that we are seeing an influx of natural ingredients, I would also like to see people consuming non-processed foods. While blue-green algae is good in M&M’s, it is much better in a fruit smoothie.

So let us hope that people move away from process ingredients just as they’ve started to move away from artificial ingredients, that way we will be on the road.




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John Montague DC is the owner of WebVitamins. He is active in the industry and is currently president of the NPA East.

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